November 19, 2006 at 3:35 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

A big hearty “Welcome Home!” to SSgt Zimri!

You have been greatly missed and we are glad you are home safe and with your family!

I know that everyone here understands the dilemma our soldiers are in at this time, and that they are not responsible for the politics of the war. Don’t make the assumption about where the soldier or their family stands in regards to the conflict. Just keep the politics out of conversation unless the family member or soldier starts it. With that said, please, if you see a soldier, a simple “Thank you” will go a long way. No need to ask “how was it?” or anything like that. Please, just say “thanks!” Also remember that just because they are home, doesn’t mean everything immediately goes back to normal for the family. If you have been kind enough to help look out for a soldiers family while they have been away, please continue to offer your assistance as they settle back in.

If you want to welcome Zimri back home on your blog, just leave your link in the comment section! Let’s let this special man know that we mean it when we say “Thanks!”


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  1. not sure about that…

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