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I am getting into cooking and baking. My kids are really good eaters compared to other kids, but it never hurts to up the nutrition value! My kids have not had soda, or beef or beef by-products. This means no Jell-O, and no marshmallows. They have had candy, and chocolate, but they do not seem all that impressed with it. So, why not bring in some nutritious treats? I started making cookies and muffins. Now these are not your regular ones, these are healthy ones! I make them with whole grains and whole wheat flour. No added sugars. Lots of fruit. The kids are eating them up left and right! It is so cool! I also have been making tons of rice dishes to introduce to them. They don’t seem to sure about rice though. I figure I will just keep trying till we find something they like. When they were itty bitty I kept an eye on all the foods they ate to make sure they were getting a well rounded diet. Somewhere along the way, I quit being so diligent about it. It really is hard to make super nutritious meals that kids will eat, but I am up for the challenge! Off to buy some organic apples to make another batch of homemade apple sauce!


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