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my little pumpkinsI guess I too must do the obligatory “What I am Thankful For” post.I know everyone says , for family food and community, but sometimes we forget the basics. I am grateful that I have a good house to live in, a safe neighborhood, food in the pantry, and a dependable car. I am grateful that I we have electricity, central heat and air, and good clothes to keep us covered. I am grateful that we are all healthy, and that when we are not, we can afford the trip to the doctor, and pay for the medicines we need. I am grateful that my kids are growing up without knowing hate, oppression, and fear. I am exceedingly grateful for true friends I can trust. These are all things that I have been without at times in my life, and boy do you miss them when you don’t have them! People to often get caught up in what luxuries they do or do not have instead of remembering that having the basics is what a lot of people in the world are aiming for. With Thanksgiving being taken over by Christmas, folks seem to spend this holiday planning for the next. Talking about what gifts they want and buying stuff to “fancy” up the house for Christmas. So, my family takes a day to reflect and play. We stay home, eat, and roll in the leaves in the yard. We cuddle and talk about how good we have it. Then, the next day we pack up and head to Grandma’s for the official holiday, and take in all the Christmas talk and consumerism a person can take for one day. At least for that one day at home, we got to re-connect with life, and each other, and remember the basics of life, love, and happiness. I hope my kids will remember that and pass the tradition on to their children.May each and every one of you have a peaceful Thanksgiving.


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  1. I too am thankful for many of the same things. I am especially thankful for my wonderful new friend that I have made this year.

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