Keeping busy

November 27, 2006 at 3:14 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

round-first-photo.JPGWell, the Divine Ms S has returned home. Sigh. It was so good having her here. It felt like she had never left. We visited, let the kids play, and went out drinking a few times. She endured two, count them, two Thanksgiving Days as each family had one for them while they were here because the trip was extended due to hubby’s work. Our biggest project while she was here was to help me learn how to sew. I caught the bug, and bad. By the time she had left, I can read and modify a basic (very basic) pattern and sew my kids some tops and bottoms. They now have some nice flannel jammies, and A has a nice day outfit. I plan to do some more, but it is so warm and nice outside (upper 70’s) that we have been working and playing in the yard a lot. We built a fire pit so we can have a little “campfire” when it gets chilly. I reinstalled a retaining wall(that wasn’t retaining) around a flower bed, worked some serious compost, and prepped flowed beds for spring. We also got the Holiday lights up, along with some outright Christmas stuff my mom passed on, such as a big plastic Santa that lights up, and some wooden reindeer. This is the first year that W has really gotten it and it is great to watch him be so excited as only a 3 year old can!I guess you can also tell that I have been seriously working on the blog stuff too. Not many entries, but lots of learning. Blogger has given me so much stress, that I thought I would try WordPress since some of my “cool friends” who have super cool blogs use it (shout out to Babs and David!). Anyway, it has been so easy to use, and gives me more flexibility in the template, I think I will switch. So, for now, I will be double posting. I will post the same entries on both sites for a bit to give everyone time to get switched to the new site, and to allow for any of you to report any problems you are having with it. Then, I will permantly switch.

Anyway, that has been a bunch of my time recently. Not very excited reading for you all, but super busy here! I hope you all are having nice days in all the places you are!


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  1. Just popping by to say “hi” and let you know I have updated my link to your new site. Hope to see you very soon!

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