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December 6, 2006 at 3:07 am | Posted in recycling, simplicity | 4 Comments


I never seem to have enough to do what with raising two kids, keeping the house clean, and saving the planet. So, I decided to take up another hobby, sewing. Now let me translate. “Hobby” means something I think would be fun which quickly turns into an obsession. So, after the Devine Ms M taught me the basics of sewing, I was off and running! I have now made the kids each two pairs of flannel pjs from fabic that was on sale at the “trendy” fabric store for $1 a yard. I then was in another fabric store where the clerk was getting ready to get rid of some fleece and I got if before it went the trash. Now, I try not to use artificial fabrics on the kids, but this was a form of recycling, so I feel better about it. I used it (two different colors/pieces) to make the kids some warm clothes to play in. I made them big enough that they can pull them over what clothes they are wearing. In the South, we layer cause you never know what the weather is gonna be in the winter time. I then made them some sturdy “coats” that pullover (buttons for kids are cruel) out of a blanket I picked up at the thrift store. There is no telling were I will go with it next! I saw some neat ideas on a site I just started reading called “The Worsted Witch” at is so cool! I wanna be that environmental. I shall try. In my free time.



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  1. I love the pj’s and the sweaters! What a great idea for old blankets. I am very impressed that your hobby has taken off like this! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

  2. WOW those turned out great!
    You did a fab job!

  3. Well, you could try curtains–they got a lot of use out of curtains, in “The Sound of Music”. 😉

  4. I’m so jealous! I can’t make anything like that. LOVE the blanket idea.

    Also, FTR, you can cut up old fleece blankets in strips for great scarves. When we couldn’t find little kid-sized scarves for the girls, I sliced up one of their baby blankets. I cut fringe on the end too. Super cute. We recycled. And the total cost was $0.

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