Crocheting snowflakes

December 14, 2006 at 5:53 pm | Posted in recycling, simplicity | 6 Comments

 to-be-sorted-058-1.jpgSo, for personal gifts this year, I am making those I really care about some crocheted snowflakes. I am using Freecycled cotton and the ones I have beaded, I am using beads from a necklace I loved that broke. I figured this is a great way to share the love I had for the sparkely beads! I use colors that best match the person and their décor. So, personalized and environmentally friendly! What are you all doing to keep the spirit of your holidays, and still take care of the environment?



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  1. Oh! You have been a busy little elf! They are beautiful!

    We are making homemade cookbooks from recipes that we have gathered from family and friends! I’m using some leftover scrapbook paper and ribbons that I have repurposed. Cheap and eco-friendly!

    If any of your readers want to submit a recipe….they can come to my site and do so there. (Blatent Advertisement…I know.)


  2. OH MY GOODNESS. Another inspirational post from Kamrin. Those snowflakes are FANTASTIC. I’m so proud of you and your resourcefulness, creativity, thoughtfulness, and love. The golden edges are so shiney and fun.

    Which ones are mine? bwaaaaaahahahaha

    no, really…when will the envelope get here? To posses a part of a necklace you loved would be so sweet. I’d tuck it under my pillow the rest of the year.

    We’ve made traditional dough ornaments that we microwaved instead of dried in the oven (less energy required) and painted them with non-toxic paint I’ve had forever (no contribution to consummeristic mentality). We will be hanging them using golden elastic ties left as extra from our wedding invitations (yes, I HAVE kept them for seven years and you notice I DID finally find a use for them). Now the sealant may end up being toxic…but from varnish I have on hand. yeah…not so environmentally friendly but better than dumping it out, no?

    We’ve not sent out the masses of paper cards for wishing people a Merry Christmas. Instead we’ve opted to tell people we love them and if they don’t know it by now then we need to improve that…a card that will be tossed isn’t the solution we need.

    I believe before the season is out, the girls and I will be decorating some of this left over packing paper for use later as wrapping paper. We’ll use potato stamps and food coloring for ink. If we do it early enough, we can even give away packages of hand-stamped papers for others to use.

  3. So pretty!

  4. Had to come back and look again they are really wonderful, Kamrin. And I don’t really expect any here. Love ya! Hope your evening is a relaxing one.

  5. Okay, I suck. I left this comment on the wrong entry. So I’ll leave it here where it belongs.

    You rock!

    I wish I had the energy to make stuff this year, but I just didn’t. I LOVE those snowflakes, though.

    You’re so creative. I love it.

    And hey, the Jew wants a snowflake ornament. 🙂 Pretty pretty please.

  6. Come and check out my website, I have some crochet heart patterns that may be fun for you. Love the idea of recycling.

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