Warning-possible TMI

December 20, 2006 at 5:30 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

So after a great day yesterday, which I will post on later, we got to bed late last night, kids asleep in their clothes. Only to be awakened at 3am by sounds of running feet and barfing. Karma child 1 has a stomach something. She spent the rest of the night throwing up. Then when morning came and there was no more barfing, then the uncontrollable diarrhea started. Now I am a person who doesn’t do well with strong odors, so this is hell on my stomach! I have been cleaning up gross stuff all morning. I think the washer is even going to rebel! She seems a little better in that she is eating some warm applesauce (no more latkas for you today Missy!) and is holding it down. So, if ya don’t hear much from us today, you know why. Now to continue disinfecting….



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  1. Awww poor kid.
    Poor you too!
    I hope nobody else gets it.

  2. We should trade. You can have the well ones, and I’ll take the sickies….I can’t smell right now!

  3. EWWWW – poor child. I hope she is a million times better. 🙂 I hope your stomach is not turned either. 🙂

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