The Chanukah Menorah

December 21, 2006 at 2:18 pm | Posted in religion | 1 Comment

41274059031.jpgThe Chanukah Menorah41274059031.jpg

Chanukah marks the miraculous victory of the Jews, led by the Maccabees, against Greek persecution and religious oppression. In addition to being victorious in war, another miracle occurred: When the Maccabees came to rededicate the Temple, they found only one flask of oil with which to light the Menorah. This small flask lasted for eight days. In order to commemorate this miracle, we light a Menorah for the eight days of Chanukah.

The menorah is called a HANUKIYAH. It has nine candle holders. There are eight candles, one for each night of Chanukah. The ninth is called the SHAMASH

The Shamash is used to light the other eight candles. The Shamash is lit first and then is used to light the other candles.

The candles are placed in the HANUKIYAH from right to left. But when the candles are lit, you light from left to right

Chanukah is a wonderful holiday of renewed dedication, faith, hope and spiritual light. It’s a holiday that says: “Never lose hope.”


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  1. Aww thank you for this. My Miss Thing was asking questions
    and it was nice to come here and find the answers:)

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