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The bank robbery suspect that shot and killed our friend Jimmy, was caught! We found out today when we ran into the bank manager, Charles, in our local watering hole.
Today, hubby went into the bank for the first time since this all happened. Thankfully, he didn’t tell me before hand. He said security is major beefed up with a cop on duty. I never thought I would see that at our little bank. The suspect used to work at the grocery store in the same parking lot a few years ago. The real kicker in this whole thing is that the suspect is the son of a rather famous man in town. He is a quadriplegic championship swimmer who is an amazing role model for not only our persons with disabilities in Arkansas, but for black Arkansans. I feel for him. I really do. I never thought I would say that, but this man is heartfelt in his apologies for his son’s actions. I dunno. I can’t hold the father responsible for the son’s actions, can I? I mean, when I see young kids acting up, I wonder where their parents went wrong. Are all parents doomed to this one day? My sweet little girl told a woman friend, who I adore, that her husband was “fat” and that he scared her cause she was afraid he was gonna eat her. OMB! Thank goodness the mom came to me and told me what she said. I talked to baby girl, and sure enough, she didn’t understand what she had said. She said she thought big and fat were the same. Then she said the giant at the end of the beanstalk was gonna eat Jack, and the giant was really big. OK, now I get it. But, if I had been the person on the other side of the comments, would I care, or would I be terrible upset? It helps that they know I am a “fat” woman. I told baby girl that some folks call me fat and have to my face. I told her it hurt my feelings. She started to cry because she hurt Baby A’s daddy’s feelings. I think it was all better by the time we talked it out, but is this where it all begins? Maybe we as parents, even though we don’t use the word “fat” in our homes, don’t watch violent TV programs, and try to be a calm peace-centered part of our children’s lives, can have kids who grow up and say terrible things. Maybe our kids can turn into cold blooded killers. I find this scary. I have never seen Grover’s parenting skills, but I have met him, and heard snippets from his motivational speeches, and feel he is a good person. This just all adds to the insanity of the situation. How can a kid from a “good” family kill an innocent person by shooting him in the back during the commission of a felony, and then wish the survivors a Merry Christmas? I am just a little over whelmed by all the unanswered questions this raises. I am glad he is caught though, and I am sure that the prosecutors will go for the death penalty. I am also sure that this will provide little comfort to Jimmy’s family.



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  1. Why bad things happen to good people is one of the great mysteries.

    My guess in this situation would be some form of mental illness. And how sad that his mother had to turn him in?!

  2. Wow,I’m glad he was caught too.
    I think it says a lot about his parents considering his mum
    turned him in.

  3. My own understanding of how kids from good families do bad things is based upon my faith and beliefs. I believe God gave us all free-will therefore each of us has the opportunity to choose what our actions are. We’ve all made what we later deem “bad choices”; no one is exempt from making mistakes. Some bad choices have much more resounding effects than others but every action is a choice.

    I believe Mr. Grover Evans, Sr. is right on the mark when he said that we raise our children to let them go and then we have to pray that what they were taught is used as a guide for their actions. What their actions are will depend upon our children’s choices…

    I admire the Mother’s courage, strength, and integrity in reporting her son. It was the right thing to do.

    I hope the community is able to come out of this haze of confusion and hurt. I hope you and the rest of the Karma family are OK too.

  4. I had heard that earlier in the day. I just assumed that you already knew it.

    Is sweet baby girl ok? I thought she needed to talk to her mommy about the whole thing. Those are hard concepts to process, regardless of how you raise them!


  5. Terrible how random things happen….

  6. How horrible to have to turn your own child in for such a crime. I did not know until David told me, but the suspect was renting the apartment of our friend Cindy. She called the police as soon as see saw the news but his mom had aready called them. What a scary thought. David and I have been in that apartment helping Cindy remodel and she had evicted him a few days prior becaue he was not paying rent. She was scared and now she is relieved that he has been captured.

    I think you handled the situtation with baby girl in the most perfect way. She is such a sweet and loving child.

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