If you give a mom a paint sprayer

January 8, 2007 at 4:49 am | Posted in recycling | 5 Comments

She is going to want to paint.

Then she will join Freecycle and get furniture.

When she gets the furniture she will probably have to paint it.

When she is finished, she will put it into a room.

When she sees it in the room, she will probably want to re-arrange the furniture.

When she re-arranges the furniture, she will probably realize the walls need the paint touched up. Once she starts painting, she will probably decide she wants to add a mural.to-be-sorted-098.jpgShe will probably get carried away and add every letter of the alphabet to the walls because it is her son’s favorite thing right now.to-be-sorted-093.jpg

She will make sure that the yellow part of the door really is a magnet board now.
Then she will add things to hang from walls and ceilings.to-be-sorted-091.jpg

She will finally consider it done (for now).to-be-sorted-102.jpg

Then she will realize she is sore, tired, and hasn’t blogged for a while.

She will then take photos.

She will edit photos.to-be-sorted-101.jpg

Then she will probably write a blog entry based on the book, “If You Give a Mouse A Cookie.”

She will publish the entry.

When she is done, she will be exhausted.

Then she will go to bed and think about painting.

Chances are, when she starts thinking about painting, she is going to want to paint.

And chances are, she will be stalking Freecycle for that next piece of furniture.



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  1. That is very cute. I understand totally. In my case it is if you give Mom yarn.

  2. BEAUTIFUL! and my oh my what a transformation. I can only imagine that Baby Boy Karma is in LOVE with his room!!!!! Maybe you can keep him in there longer and out from under your feet, eh? 😉

  3. Holy,you busy woman you!
    It looks fantastic!

  4. That looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  5. It looks fantastic! You are so creative.

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