Westboro Baptist Church

January 28, 2007 at 9:54 pm | Posted in getting involved | 9 Comments

WBC will picket Funeral of Army Sgt. 1st Class John G. Brown – at 10:15 a.m., Wed., Jan. 30 – at Agape Church, 701 Napa Valley Dr., Little Rock, Arkansas.  

They are coming to Arkansas! Can you believe this?!? These soldiers and their families haven’t been through enough?!? Now someone is gonna picket your funeral, at a church, and tell you how awful you are and that you deserved to die. I just can’t believe it! I mean, I don’t care what your personal ideas are on homosexuality, but this is so wrong! I know folks who think homosexuality is a sin, that still find this behavior offensive! I know I plan to do everything I can to show my support to all my troops and to be respectful for those who have lost their lives and limbs to do the job they agreed to do! If I at all can (I am supposed to work) I want to counter their message. According to my calender, the 30th is a Tuesday, so I will be trying to find out what day the funeral really is, but I expect these folks will be around town for a few days. I spoke to the church and they say the funeral is Tuesday at 11am. They did not know about Westboro planning on coming.I am just so freakin mad! I might actually have to yell at one of them!

This is one of the first video I ever saw of their protests, and I think it says it all. This is outside the Walter Reed Army Hospital.


Here is the spokeswoman in a speech on You Tube. Listen to this crap! She even says that the little Amish girls in PA deserved to die.







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  1. Dh had a briefing about them a few years back. They planned to attend a 4th of July celebration here on the military instillation, so dh was warned about them. From what we were told, this “Church” is a sham. It’s run by a lawyer. Their purpose is to rile people up so that others hit/kick/otherwise assault them. The members of the “church” then sue for big bucks. It’s a scam.

    It’s annoying as hell, though.

  2. This first of all ticks me off because it says that God hates people. God does NOT hate people, He hates sin (that means ALL of our sins, not just a specific group of peoples sin). Second, sham or not, it makes me angry that they feel they have the right to use the name of “God” and “Baptist”. I am first of all Christian and attend a Baptist church and this is not even close to what we believe.

    Thanks for letting me vent. Love to ALL people….smile.

  3. They were supposed to come to my small town for a funeral last summer, but luckily didn’t show. They make me ILL.

  4. Reiza, that would explain why in all the videos and photos of them, they are carrying cameras. The fact that they are given air time on CNN and such doesn’t help matters.
    Alice, I know that you are good people! You are loving, tolerant, and I have never seen or heard of you being judgemental to anyone! Love you you and your brand of Christianity!
    Frankie, I hear ha sista! I hope they don’t show here!

  5. Thank you for your sweet comments, Kamrin. I knew you didn’t think badly of me. Love U 2!!!

  6. I check your blog from time to time from Shana’s, and I’m very glad I did today. These people make me sick and VERY ANGRY! I to am a Christian and my husband is a Baptist pastor. This is not what we believe, teach or support in our churches.

    Can you post where you heard/found they would be protesting at Army Sgt. 1st class Brown’s funeral? I have good friends that are related to the other two Arkansas soldiers and I would like to keep an ear out for if they will protest those funerals as well. (I’m sure they will, I would just like to know for sure!)

  7. Heya Stephanie! The
    is the home page that list all the places they are going to. Warning! This is THEIR web site.

  8. Thanks Kamrin!!
    I thought that might have been their website when our firewalls, here at the office, wouldn’t let me access it. I’ll try it from home.

  9. I won’t tell you what I think needs to happen to these assholes because it’s not nice and goes against my humanist ways but you’re more than welcome to guess,just like I’m more than welcome to think it. heh

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