Day 3, Wisconsin

February 1, 2007 at 3:56 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

There are few things more fun than sharing in the joy of a new house with a close friend. Mrs. M’s house is wonderful. The photos have not done it justice in my opinion. I slept o-so-comfy in a nice warm room and was greeted with the morning sun and two adorable girls jumping into bed with me. He had cuddles and giggles! What a great way to wake up! I love those girls! They get more amazing each time I see them. The are geniuses, of course, and best of all, they are polite and loving! There doesn’t seem to be enough polite children and parents any more. We had heard about the boy who snuck on a plane to go to Texas, and we got to thinking about how he had done it. The realization came to me that it is more the norm now days to see kids running around unattended in busy places (stores, restaurants, parks, and yes, airports) with no apparent adult supervision. No wonder the airport worked didn’t think anything about the boy being separated from his mom who he said was already on the plane. It seems there are a lot of parents out there who didn’t get the “memo” that you shouldn’t let your kids run around in places. Sigh. Anyway, these girls and their parents are not like that. They watch them and guide them. They are a good family with good girls! It makes me feel so peaceful to be around them all. We got to apply all our inspiration from shopping to the house! I loved it. Then to make the trip perfect, we went to the cheese factory. Now all they say about Wisconsin cheese is true! We got it fresh from the factory and it had not even been refrigerated yet! Did you know that before cheese is refrigerated it “squeaks” when you eat it? Like the sound of chewing on rubber, but with all the delicious glory of cheese.


As you can see, we had tons of fun with my beautiful girls. After that, I joneses for fried cheese curds the rest of the trip. I will miss them, they were so yummy.After all the cheese, we took the girls to their church for AWANA (sp?) and I got to see the building, and meet some of the folks. The other members seemed very nice and friendly. I can see why the Divine Family loves it so much!



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  1. I totally agree that parents do not pay enough attention to their kids. That is why I homeschool.

  2. Must.have.that.cheese!

    I’m with ya on the kid issue.
    It drives me nuts to see kids running loose and
    acting like animals,with nobody watching,or worse
    yet,their parents watching and approving,lol
    People say I’m too strict and over-protective..ha compared to the
    majority of society I guess I am. Thank goodness for THAT!

  3. CHURCH? You failed to mention THAT portion of the trip…

  4. Yes. I stepped into a church. No. Lightening did not strike. No. No one whacked me with a Bible, called me a heathen and told me to repent. It was all good.

  5. Wow, you walked into a church without being beaten about the head? Do tell how you managed to pull that off. 🙂 Is that an evil grin on my face? Now where in the world did that come from? 🙂

    I totally agree about kids running wild. I’ve seen moms leave 2-year-olds by themselves in the playground at the mall. Stuff like that drives me nuts.

    I also agree with Beth. That’s one of the reasons we homeschool.

    All your talk of cheese has left me hungry.

    I’m SO glad you had fun.

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