Day 4 Wisconsin

February 3, 2007 at 8:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I had this post all written out and ready to go, then lost it. Sigh. I was on a roll too! Anyway, here goes again.Day four we woke to baby girl M with a fever. She didn’t feel well and we all were worried about her. We had decided it would be a good day to stay in and play house since she wasn’t up to going out. We were gonna crochet some, and I was gonna pack some. Have no fear though, around lunch time she perked right up so we went on with out original plans for the day which was to go to the Mennonite store. The store was so cool! There was bulk everything! I got some snacks for the plane ride (wound up not eating them on the plane) and some dried food mixes for home. I also got some licorice candy for Mr. Karma as it is his favorite. For the kids, I got this great wooden, it can be anything toy. They have loved it so much! Later that night I found a box of wooden pick up sticks under my pillow that the girls picked up for my kids. Ain’t they sweet?!?After that we went home to pack some more and get ready for a dinner out that night. We left to go to Wausau to meet Mr. Funny for some Mexican food. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into as I had seen very few Latinos while there. All of them had been “behind the scenes” folks. I tried to say “hi” to a few, but they just tried so hard to blend into the walls that they wouldn’t make any eye contact. It was so very sad. So, here we are, going into a Mexican restaurant and low and behold-Latinos!!!! Right there in front! Running the restaurant! Now I knew it was going to be good food, and I was right! We had a great dinner, and even say a black man! Goodness was it feeling multicultural in there! I knew things seemed pretty “white” around there, but I didn’t realize that I would actually be so excited to see some color!After dinner, Mrs. Divine and I went to a bookstore where we were able to not only drink hot coffee, but to look at books with out being interrupted! It was so nice! We also hit a craft store where I got a few more last minute items for the kids and hubby. It was when we left that I saw it. That glorious shining white monument to Wisconsin. It beckoned me. I was drawn. Mrs. Divine just put on that resigned look she gets when I am about to be silly.

I ran to it and dove it! That is right! A giant mound of snow right there in the parking lot.cold-butt.jpg I made a giant snow fairy, and tagged it from Arkansas! Heh-heh. My trip was now complete. I was cold, and might have had a little snow on me, but it was all fun! did-i-get-any-snow-on-me.jpgI was in heaven, except that I had to go home to pack for a very early morning and a departure from all this happiness. Sigh.


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  1. What a fun post!!!!

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