Sometimes it just isn’t fair!

February 10, 2007 at 4:23 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I am feeling a little blue right now cause sometimes life and folks are not fair. I have a hard time being accused for something I didn’t do. I mean a really hard time. I will fess up when I am wrong, and even say “sorry.” I will openly look at a situation and see where I could have handled something differently and be open to apologies and changes. Now accuse me of doing something I didn’t do and it eats at me. I know I should let go, and sometimes I can, but right now I am having trouble letting it go so I am gonna vent.

There was a person, and their partner, that I thought were friends. Now we weren’t best friends, but I thought we were at least “buddies” and I was ok with that. Now this friend, let’s call them “A” and “B,” asked me to help them out with something. I agreed, then one day they just stopped the project and I found out later with the “non buddies.” I was bummed, but was gonna try and get over it. I was wondering what I had done to loose buddy status. Then, one day, “B” said something that made me sad. I thought, “Goodness! B is sad.” I sad so to person “C.” Turns out, person “C” had been talking to person “D” who was having problems with person B. (following all this crap yet?) So, person C sends an e-mail that offends B, and B blames me! Then A comments and says I am a backstabber! What the hell?!? I didn’t do anything!! I contact C and D and tell them that I am feeling a little “hung out to dry here” since they are not stepping up to clear up the problem and clear up that I had nothing to do with it. They would not. They said it would only make things worse and that since we were all on the sh*t list anyway, we should just leave it. I did.

Then, I realized, only very recently, that they are all still speaking. I have been made the freakin’ fall guy for this shit!!!!!!! So, my friends A and B won’t speak to me, or even look at me, but they are calling C buddy again. I am just pissed!!!!!! I want so bad to scream it from the rooftops that I didn’t do anything!!!!!!!!! I don’t care if A and B want to quit hanging, no problem, but I don’t want it to be for something I didn’t do! Sucks. Sometimes life just ain’t fair.

Thanks for letting me vent.


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