February 12, 2007 at 6:08 pm | Posted in getting involved, recycling | 3 Comments

I got to participate in a great fundraiser on Saturday for CAR. That is the Center for Artistic Revolution, and their 3rd Annual Toma Mi Corazon (Take My Heart) Silent Auction and Tex-Mex Dinner.

http://www.artisticrevolution.org/Our community friend, Randy, asked for folks to step up and donate hearts for this auction. These are wooden hearts that are given out to the community for folks to decorate, give to CAR, and let them auction them for funds. It sounded like fun, and since they were letting kids do them, I figured my artwork would fit right in. Here are my two submissions. twohearts.jpgOne is from me and the rainbow one is for Little Rock Capital Pride. I felt honored that Joe asked me to create a heart from the group. Big responsibility.The kids helped, and Karma Girl fell in love with the LRCP entry. When we went on Saturday, we had to bid on it till we won so we could bring it back home. To see her proud little smile, and to see it hanging in her room, was worth every penny! Karma Boy, on the other hand, did not want the gold one we did, he wanted one with a kitty cat face on it. I bid on it till we won and he sat there, with his little hands tightly gripping the money, waiting for them to read his name. When they did he jumped up with so much excitement that everyone giggled. He took it from the presenter, Eric, and clutched it tightly to his little 3 year old chest and ran as fast as his stubby little legs could carry him to the table where you turned your money in. All the folks he ran past were just smiling the biggest smiles and chuckling. It is hard to resist the pure enthusiasm and joy that little man was bringing to the room. He waited very patiently in line to pay, then he left clutching his heart. He did not put in down, even when he went to bed. The kids both wanted them hung over their beds, and so it must be.My kids are so awesome, and I love the pure joy they bring in my life! I loved watching my kids mingle with people who are black, white, straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, and anyone who held still. I love their pure freedom with their little bodies in the way they run, dance, and will break out in a song (often at inappropriate times) and the way they will wear funky clothes or shoes on the wrong feet, just cause they wanted to dress themselves.action-shot.jpg

 I am glad they feel free to express themselves and to embrace others! One day, I hope all the world can have the personal freedom of happy well adjusted, and attached, kids under 5 have. It would certainly make the world a better place!




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  1. Aww how wonderful!

  2. I can’t wait to see the kitty! I’ll be over as soon as we get back to the kiddos can show “Baby Awli” their hearts.


  3. another great learning experience for the Karma Clan!!! Love those little faces and amazing imaginations. 🙂

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