Commercialized Valentines Day

February 17, 2007 at 2:20 pm | Posted in simplicity | 2 Comments

Yes, our family is grinchy about Valentines day. We grown folks do not exchange gifts and cards are recommended to be handmade. We usually buckle and get the kids some of those cheap Mylar heart balloons (.50) for the kids to play with. We explain to the kids that we show our love for those around us every day all year. Luckily, since our kids are not in traditional school we do not have to deal with forced valentine giving, sweet eating, and the over commercialism of the day. If you are unsure of how bad it is, then look at this.

I mean, $300 baskets? $140 teddy bears? How much more pressure can one get?!? It encourages us to put ourselves into debt just to “prove” you love us. Prove you love me by washing the dishes without being asked. Scrub a toilet and I am yours! A sure way to “be mine” is to take the kids to the park and give me a quiet break. That is love!Girlfriends show their love by being there when a good vent is needed, or validation desired. “Be my sweetheart” by telling me that that outfit doesn’t work and I look much more foxy in the other one. Only a true friend will keep you from looking stupid on accident. A really true friend will make a fool out of herself with you when the time is right (fancy dress party anyone?).

So, go out there and show your love to your friends and partners and have a beautiful non-valentines day full of love!



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  1. Ok, I’m scared. Is there a dress party coming up that I am about to get roped into? I love you!


  2. Happy Mardi Gras! Hope you had a blast today with lots of purple, green, and gold!


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