Simplifying soothes the soul

February 20, 2007 at 3:03 pm | Posted in simplicity | 3 Comments


It really does help calm you. Really. has been proven that being in a clean and clutter free home can actually help to alleviate depression. Yup! It is true! You know that great feeling you have when the house is all Spring clean and you can sit down? I am trying to have that feeling a lot more often. Simplifying is the start to it all. If you have less stuff around the house, then you have less clutter, or potential for messes. Do your kids really need all those toys? Go through them and throw out all the cheapo plastic toys, the broken bits, the ones outgrown, or over loved. Donate them to a charity or animal shelter (they often take stuffed toys for the kittens and puppies). Look at the toys from a “holier than most” attitude and think of what you really want your kids to play with. Do you have 3 sets of blocks? Do you need 3 sets of blocks? Would you rather have the plastic or wooden ones? Once you go through them all, box them up and move them away. I put them in the front passenger seat of my car. This means I won’t forget it and leave it laying around. Then it is already loaded up to be dropped off at a donation center.Once all these toys are cleaned up and through, there will be less mess when the kids are playing. It also makes it easier on everyone when the mess has to be cleaned up. Give everything a spot, and teach the kids to put it there. Even young children can learn this, they may not want to, but they can!



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  1. Agree….agree….agree. We are in the process of doing the same. To try to become clutter free and because there will be more stuff for the second baby (and we have a tiny place to live, which is even more reason to get rid of stuff). Mili knows where her toys go and when it is clean-up time she will put them there. Now to teach her to play with a few things (not dump the whole toy box out) and then put that back to get something else out. Hard task for a 20 month old but we are working on it.

  2. This is So so true. A cluttered house equals a cluttered mind.
    Believe me I know,lol

  3. To add to your fantastic list: keep an eye on things to make sure it’s not piling back up when you’re not watching!! (don’t ask how I know)

    Thank you for the re-inspiration!

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