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As my friend Reiza got inspired to simplify, she asked me for some ideas. I guess that I could share my ideas here so that anyone who wants my opinion can have an idea of what I am doing.

A big clutter issue is clothes. I went though both kid’s clothes and took out those that they never wear. I mean really, they would wear the same outfits day after day if they could. So, out they went. As I was doing this, I had them try on any clothes that were “iffy” on size. If there was not 6 months more of growing room in them (for older kids) then away they went. This alone left me with a much smaller pile. Then I did what a friend, Melissa, did. I looked through and tried to pick out only mix and match able clothes. There is no point having a huge pile of outfits that can only be worn together. My kids would soil one part, and the other part has to be changed also. To much work. Now, their clothes can be interchanged easily! This cuts down on laundry, storage space needed, and even makes the kid’s life easier. Often I would find clothes all over the floor that they would have to pick up because they had to did through all of them to find the outfit they were looking for.

Once I finished with their clothes, I had to be honest and tackle mine. Mr. Karma too. I feel that men have it easier when doing this. They don’t have coordinated handbags and shoes. But, If I haven’t worn it in a year or more, it must go. If it is something I am holding on to in that the chances of me wearing once a year, let it go. Par down to some beautiful mix and matches and go with it. It will make it easier for moms to get dressed every morning too!

Well, that is one step (that took almost 2 weeks to do) to get started on a more simple life.



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  1. So, we gonna make a playdate to help me do the same with my clothes?

    I can’t part with baby girls’ yet.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I have been going through clothes this week myself. And everything else too. I had no idea how much “STUFF” I had until I started sorting. Most of it was trash unfortunately. Thanks for the tips again. Hope all is well. Did you find someone to send the baby items to?
    I sent mine to the Ronald Mcdonald house. They weren’t that picky.

  3. I do this every time the seasons change!!

  4. ugh. clothes. papers. mail. my trinity of horrors. i am working on taxes and backed up mail today. i think “i need another file cabinet!” but i really need to take the stored things out of the actual file cabinet and use it to file. it’s not a hideaway for reams of paper and whatnot. it’s a cabinet for filing paperwork. sigh. such an ordeal. need some coffee to face it. but i’m a little inspired knowing someone else is on the path.

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