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Another thing I seem to be colleting in life is furniture. Lucky for our pocketbook, this is usually from Freecycle. I get an old piece and paint it to make it like new. Garage sales are also great for items of furniture that just need a little something to make them look great. Problem is, it seemed I kept getting furniture and never getting rid of any. One day I realized that some of it just has to go. We had an extra bedroom set that had been used in the guest room at one time. Since we downsized all our clothes, they would now fit into the smaller set of furniture. We had a giant, and rather bulky, headboard that we also moved out of our room. We were suddenly finding ourselves with lots of space to walk in our room, without having given up any amenities. It felt so much more calm. One day when I move into my little cabin somewhere, I want to have this bed and do away with all the other furniture. Can you imagine? What a space saver! It also cuts down on surface areas to collect dust! So once I finished the bedroom, I went on to declutter other rooms in the house. I had to look at pieces of furniture that we really don’t use. They seemed like a good idea, but they just don’t “work” as everyday pieces. If the furniture doesn’t make you happy just to look at it, it probably needs to go. Family heirloom furniture, for instance, may almost never be used, but just looking at it brings great happiness. That is good. It is all about your home giving you a wonderful sense of peace and calm. And with my kids running around, I need my house to work with me, not against me.



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  1. While you’re out there simplifying, come here and do the same. It’s a wreck. In my quest to simplify, I busted out a bunch of stuff and now the place is a mess. Grrr.

    Although, we have a few pieces of furniture like that. I’m thinking I’ll clear them out and freecycle ’em.

  2. Problem is, it seemed I kept getting furniture and never getting rid of any. . . . that’s precisely how i started a business. sigh. i am a gatherer. less so than i used to be, because i’m feeling an intense drive to pare down, clear out. the husband feels no such urge, so it is a source of strife. i have too much in part because of the business. i rented a warehouse so i would no longer have to operate from the basement and garage, but it is packed to the rafters.

    i don’t even want to know what freecycle is. i fear i’d be on the way because you’re just a hop skip and a jump from me, correct? you’re in little rock? arkansas-ish area?

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