The Kitchen

March 2, 2007 at 2:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

I was so excited when we bought this house because I felt like I could finally put some color on the walls! So, what did I do? I painted my kitchen brick red. I have since learned that flat brick red is not the best color for a kitchen. color-before.jpg

Here is an old photo that kind of shows the color.I decided to change it up so I painted it blue. This time I did it with all the little things I had learned on the way, like caulking, and it looks so much better!down-she-goes.jpg

 It really brightened up the area. Then I got really brave and decided to get rid of a cabinet. I kinda used it as a china cabinet before, but we always had to bend over to talk to folks on the other side. Thanks to these cute handymen, we now don’t know how we ever lived with that thing there!blue-kitchen.jpg

 I am loving my new kitchen, but decorating is taking back seat to yard work so that I can get my garden going in a timely manner this year. I will post more on that later.



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  1. Oh wow it looks gorgeous!
    I love that blue.

  2. LOVE the red. I find it warm and cozy.

  3. that blue is pretty and the cabinets being gone really opens it up. gorgeous.

    i hear ya on the gardening thing. so much to do, make me wish for some snow or something so i could sit by the fire and read without feeling guilty 🙂

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