The Garden and tri-cycling

March 9, 2007 at 9:18 pm | Posted in recycling | 3 Comments

                                                                                                4yardblog.jpgIt is that time of year to spruce up the yard, and put all that compost I have been working so hard on, into the vegetable garden. The garden itself is a work of frugality and recycling. When we bought this house there was already a garden bed in place and that is the one we use. So far there has been no chemicals added and this year I made my own compost to add to it. Lots of hard work, but worth every bit of effort. I also have used newspaper to mulch the garden as it can later be tilled back into the ground! For pots, I have been saving my cardboard egg cartons so that I can start my plants indoors, then simply cut the bottom of the egg cup open and place the whole thing into the garden. Very little shock for the roots and the carton will degrade. So much fun!I have been having so much fun with it! My new attitude of “it doesn’t all have to be done today” has really helped me to enjoy it. Now we about have it all fun and ready for company, and long days of guarding the veggies. We have a huge problem with squirrels, birds and raccoons. I have been trying to come up with ways to keep them out of the veggies and this has lead to a huge conclusion. No one really knows for sure what to do. There is no cure all. So, I am trying all the natural things I can think of to deter the critters without poisoning the Earth. I use red pepper and Tabasco to keep the ground critters at bay, and in case they don’t mind that, I have some chicken wire I loop around the garden. For the birds this year, I have some sparkly and noisy things around to hopefully deter them. Also a fake rubber snake I move from place to place. I plan to put Tabasco on the top of the fence to deter the squirrels.Now instead of buying sparkly and noisy things, I made them. Yup! Myself. I realized recently that things can really be recycled more than once. Lets take the material I used for an example. Tin/Aluminum cans. After the can is used and rinsed, I poke a hole in the top of the lid to hang over my veggies. This makes a bright shiny object that blows in the wind. Birds are not supposed to like this. I can also, with a lovely pair of tin scissors, cut the can into a flower shape, nail it to the fence, and I have a pretty, sparkly flower to deter the birds and perk up the yard. If these items get rusty, or I decide to take them down, they can still go into the recycling containers to go on to become someone else’s flowers.3yardblog.jpgYou can also poke hole into the can, fill the bottom with sand, and create some great luminaries. If you use paint cans, you can actually hang them from the trees or place larger candles in them. Sweet, huh? There is also the “reusing old yard equipment” angle of taking things that are broken, and rework them. The garden hoe with a broken tip and a blade that will not stay on, has become a hanger for a “spinner.”

Freecycled flower pots decorate the yard along with tin can sculpture. There is even a sparkly mobile the kids and I made from Freecycled beads and some wire. The ring is an extra from one of my baby slings.5yardblog.jpg We even painted rocks to greet folks as they come in. Using, of course, Freecycled paint and found rocks! So much fun for so little money!yardblog.jpg



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  1. Nice freecycle ideas.

  2. Beeee-a-utiful! You are the recycle/freecyle QUEEN!

  3. The egg carton plant starters… pure genius! I’ll be doing that this month!!!

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