Trees, ladders, and bruises, o-my!

March 13, 2007 at 4:14 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

So in the interest of frugality I decided to trim my own trees this year. We have huge old trees and usually hire this really nice fella to come over and trim them up for us. So, I borrowed a neighbor’s tree saw and went for it. The lesson I learned is that the tree branches don’t always fall straight down. In fact, they might drop and swing right at ya. This could mean that you will find yourself with a face full of fast moving tree branch that knocks your butt off the top half of the ladder and sends you to meet the ground with a resounding thud that even frightens the kids. Now I got on up and thought I would be just fine. A few days latter I happened to see myself in naked (something I try to avoid) in the mirror and found my stomach looking like this. bruise-blog.jpg

Now I had seen the bruises up and down my arms and legs, but I was not prepared for this! Anyway, I am healing up just fine, and have learned a valuable lesson! There is a reason tree professionals are paid so much.



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  1. Keep the tree trimmers in buisness.
    I do hope that you will have no permanant damage. Those bruises look like they are extremely painful. Take care of yourself. Your life is more important than saving a few bucks.
    Feel better soon.

  2. Hey hot mama. Nice way to get ready for bikini season. I may try that. It would at least get my hubby to quit asking me to “get a two piece this year, please?” (Not that I have any business in one anyway….)

    I hope they are already feeling better. I don’t like you to hurt!

  3. Be careful with the precious cargo. Let the trained professionals handle that stuff. Glad it was not worse.

    Take care on whatever your next project is (b/c I know there is always one in site for you). SMILE

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