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Photos of me before lifestyle changes, and after lifestyle changes.

Tight fitting W28s to comfortable 16s? Priceless.

I have heard this term from time to time and didn’t know what it meant. I finally got a round to looking it up and here it is! http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=zaftigI think I will declare myself a Zaftig Goddess and embrace all that is me!


Props out to Frugal for Life

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Frugal for life is one of my happy daily reads. I always feel inspired afterwards. Today, the cake was topped as it were because this post hit home, literally.


I think Dawn wrote it so well that I cannot even begin to try and repeat so you will have to just read it yourself. My favorite part was “Better is a home where faded walls and floor are, with a well, happy mother, than an immaculate, darkened home with an irritable, nervous mother presiding over it.”

Perfect! What was your favorite part? What rung true for you as you read this?

Happy Birthday Karma Girl!

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My sweet baby girl just turned 6 years old. Where has the time gone? She is so amazing! She was born 9 lbs and 5 ozs and now she is 65 pounds. She was totally helpless, and now she loves to help babies. She warms the hearts of those around her with her good manners and great wit. I am so proud to be her mom!

We had a family dinner last night with her, as is traditions since I went into labor with her while I was eating (naturally).  We then had a dinner party tonight at her favorite restaurant, Mexican, with all her friends that can’t come to the big party on Saturday. aandlblog.jpgThere were 16 of us there, and we had cupcakes and she was given some wonderful presents, even though we told folks “No presents, please. Your presence is enough.” I am glad that they didn’t listen though cause she loves her presents! She received a wonderful hummingbird feeder with food, and a card she can color from the “P” family (those are the English pediatric nurse for a mom, the father who saved my house from burning down, the son who saved his younger sibling and father from a coyote attack, and the daughter who is so super cool that I hope Karma girl can be that wonderful too).aandpblog.jpg Then there was the fantastic original artwork on canvas from Diatriable and her great family! originalartblog.jpgWhich then led to the wearing of the musical bag on the head for a bit. I love me some kid style fun. We also did the birthday song (in Spanish) and she got to wear the hat and blow out her cupcake. bighatblog2.jpgThen everyone had cupcakes and little Karma Boy decided his was to sweet, so he put ketchup on the top, then ate it. ketchupcupcakesblog.jpgGross, but he sure loved it and he ate it, so what can one do? After that, the kids were so tired, they crashed in cute positions just in time for mom to take their photos, download them and enter this post. wornoutblog.jpgDay one of birthday week completed. There will be more to come!

What did you do for Earth day?

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I was honored to be invited to participate in our local Wild Oats’ Earth Day Celebration. They were featuring local artist’s works made from recycled material. Well, the other folks that came were more artists and I was more a crafter. daveblog21.jpgThere were some beautiful works! I had several moms and kids stop and ask about my rugs and I showed them how I made them and I let them feel how soft they are. daveblog6.jpgI also had my blocks on hand and several kids came and built things with them! blocksblog2.jpgI lucked out and a good buddy “J” was there and we ate sushi samples and killed time together. Things always go better with friends. After that, me and the Karma Klan went to the Earth Day Celebration at the Clinton Library. We really enjoyed the dancers, drummers, and steppers. earthdayblog.jpgThe kids learned a few things too. Their favorite part was sliding down the hill on cardboard boxes! Remember how fun that used to be? After the Celebration was over, I went out with one of the interpreters and her partner. We went and have appetizers and drinks overlooking the Arkansas River. It was the perfect end to the day! For the actual Earth Day, we took the kids to Home Depot this morning for our free CFU light bulbs (http://www6.homedepot.com/ecooptions/index.html) and bought a clothesline.

(Clothes dryers are clearly a modern convenience, but one wonders if they were meant to take the place of a clothesline during the spring, summer and fall months, when the sun can do a better job. Using a clothesline can reduce your utility bill, and—if it is hot and sunny—can dry your clothes as fast or faster than a dryer.It costs about 50 cents for each dryer load using electricity or propane, and about 25 cents per load for natural gas. The average family does about 10 loads per week, so using a clothesline could save between $10 and $20 per month, more than the cost of a clothesline. Also, there is less wear and tear on the clothes (and, of course, the dryer) when a clothesline is used. Most people love the fresh smell of air-dried clothes, especially sheets.)

Also see http://www.terrapass.com/terrablog/posts/2006/07/energy-tip-4-get-yourself-a-clothesline.html 

We told the kids about “straight-line driving” (combining as many stops in one efficient trip as possible) and pointed out that we were not using the AC to keep us cool.

(http://eartheasy.com/live_fuel_efficient_driving.htm ) We then went to a Freecycler’s ( http://www.freecycle.org/)garage sale leftovers site. We came home, hung out clothes on the line and explained to the kids how line drying works. We then spent the rest of the day working in the yard, focusing on natural remedies for problems. We “played” with the compost pile, weeded the organic garden, and talked about how some of the plants we planted naturally keep insects away. We also looked at worms, slugs, and cocoons. I hope you all had a great Earth Day, and that each day you try something new to save our planet!

Virginia Tech

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I guess this whole Virginia Tech massacre has got everyone talking about gun control again. I found out about what was happening when I went into my bank and they have a TV in there now (weird to me, but whatever). I had already called in an order to US Pizza for one of the best salads ever made, so I left the bank and went there. Inside there are at least 6 TVs around the restaurant and half of them were showing live coverage of the unfolding events. I was standing in line feeling weird that I was out getting a salad when something so horrible was happening, but as I looked around, no one else was paying any attention. The headline was reading “21 students dead” and no one seemed to be paying attention. They were smiling and talking with each other, occasionally glancing at the TV and then continuing on. In this packed restaurant, no one seemed shocked. I expected folks to be at least quiet and somber, but no. How is it that so many have become so unaffected by such a terrible act? That leads me to the second question this brought up.How did the shooter fall through the cracks. A person cannot perform an act like this without some kind of mental illness. Why did no one reach out to him. I mean, yeah, I saw that his writing teacher reported him to the school counselor. The professor did not follow up to see what action had been taken. There are reports of problems in the dorm where he was ranting and stalking some of the female students. Why did the dorm directors do nothing? Why did the residents do nothing? In his classrooms he was silent and apparently often signed a “?” for his name on the sign in sheet. What did the professor do to follow up on this odd behavior? What about his classmates? Why is it that this fellow was able to fall through so many cracks in the school that his end came to this? I am not condoning or justifying his shooting rampage, I am just questioning why no one saw it coming. People want to scream about gun control, I want to scream about reaching out to those around you and asking them how they are doing! I want to scream about having a commitment to your fellow human beings to see that their needs are being met. People would not let someone sit there and die of a physical ailment in front of them, especially over the space of a year. Yet, that is what happened here. This man had a mental illness and no one seemed to follow through on helping him, and he died because of it, and took a whole lot of innocent people with him. Now the fellow students of his victims will recieve more mental health support than the killer did. We must start reaching out to all those around us! Talk to your neighbors, people at the gym, the park, at work. Reach out and say “hi.” You never know when a small act of caring can reach someone deep inside.


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I got tagged by my dear friend, Diatribal,

to name 8 random things about me. So, here is my list. Is there anything any of you would have put?

1) I can do Middle Eastern Dance (belly dancing) and I like it! I even own the jewelry and veils.

2) I love to learn new stuff. I am a total nerd like that!

3) I am lazy. I mean really lazy. I won’t do something for only one purpose, it must serve several needs.

4) I have had both my knees reconstructed due to a congenital disorder called Osgood-Schlatter and my refusal to give up full contact martial arts.


5) I enjoy painting. I get real annoyed with it half way through, but once done, I am always happy I did it. Such an easy (and cheap) way to change up a place!

6) Power tools get me all excited! I love to use them anytime I can!

7) I also love to demolish things! Chopping wood, sawing 2X4s in half and sledge-hammering things. Awwww, the release of stress!

8) And finally, my dear brother in law says I am artistic! I loves me my brother in law!


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I was inspired to finish cleaning and decorating the kitchen after I read Giselle’s post here,

Giselle’s Total Waste of Bandwidth

http://gisellestotalwasteofbandwidth.blogspot.com/2007/04/done.html.The attic construction has been so messy that I just gave up. Dust and muddy feet are all over the place! So, I scrubbed from top to bottom and finished those little touches I wanted done. A big help was my brother in law who is handy with screwdrivers and such. blog-kitchen-3.jpg

See those great glass racks he installed?!? I am so happy! He also helped put in that little shelf in the corner. The bottle rack was picked up at Savers for $2.00! I intend to use the glass bottles to make stuff with when I can afford my bottle cutter. In the mean time the rack makes a nice place to store my craft objects. Thanks for the kick in the hiney Giselle!

So proud!

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The day I knew I was gonna spend the rest of my life with my husband was when we went to a birthday party and I saw him pick up this adorable newborn and hold him in one arm as comfortable as anything. This guy is not afraid of kids! He is comfortable holding a newborn! Wow!

Well, that was 11 years ago and that little boy has grown up to be a super young man. His family and mine have become close and I try to be a good parent like I see his parents being. He also has a fantastic sister who is the kind of girl I want Karma Girl to become. I love spending time with them and yet I was still shocked when I saw this. I hope that you are as proud of him as I am!



Voices in my attic

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attic1blog.jpgI have had voices in my attic for the last three weeks, and sometimes they are musical. I hear loud thumps, followed by sounds of drills and hammering. There is plaster dust all over my home and dirty footprints trek through my house. Why all this excitement you ask? Well, remember me telling you about the brother in law coming to stay for a month? Well, I have decided I am sick of having to totally re-arrange my life when a relative comes to stay, so I decided to make a guest room. Now we have one of those huge attics that you can walk around in, but nothing has been done with it. I thought it could make a nice little addition. After all the interviews and estimates, we decided to go for it. This was before the fraud though. Lucky for us, the contractor agreed to start even though he knew we had no money.attic2blog.jpgWe then had to hire a air conditioner company. We thought we were just gonna have a few ducts moved, but we would up with all new ductwork, a new diffuser, some new vents in place, and some new vent covers. He also agreed to work even though we had no money! I love these guys! attic7blog.jpgI try to feed them a good lunch every day, and take them lots of water and beverages. I also have been up there helping with demolition, hanging sheetrock, and working a nail gun! It is so much fun! attic3blog.jpgIt is a lot of work,and really hot (up to 100 degrees)  but I hope it will be worth it when it is all done! We chose to go ahead and do it even though it would be during part of the brother in laws time here because he would get to enjoy the room himself in a few weeks, and he is real handy, so he could help them and thus save us some on labor costs. That hasn’t worked out. He doesn’t seem to play well with others so I have put him to work on things like child care and other “Mr.-fix-its” around the house. He has come in real handy for that after a little whip cracking to get him moving! Anyway, I am hoping to be done soon, and get my life calmed down. I can’t wait to publish the finished photos for you all! Till then, here is the hole we put in the ceiling for the stairs!attic6blog.jpg

April Fools

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I love April Fool’s Day!!!!! There is always someone out there just begging to be “gotten” and I am always ready to get! This year I had a brilliant partner in crime in my head contractor. He loves this holiday as much as me and we spent all day pulling pranks.First, we went to his friend’s workplace, moved his car to the back of the lot, wrapped it in toilet tissue and wrote “April Fool” in shave cream on the windshield. It was a hoot! daves-car1.jpgSecond and Third was when we had the police show up in a squad car, and ask my brother in law to sit in the back while they talked to us. We thought he was gonna wet himself sitting there! april-1.jpgFinally we told him. After he got over being mad at being tricked, he thought it was pretty funny. The third part of it was when my head contractor slipped a note, to the bigger of the two officers, telling him he was cute and to call him. This was how we “bribed” officer one into doing the trick. He says his partner has been teasing him about how often he gets hit on, so this was a little revenge. See the paper in his hand? -> hah.jpgFourth, was when we all went up to the attic to admire our new duct work and a “snake” was in the air vent. It went towards brother in law, made Karma Hubby scream (he is afraid of snakes) and then his brother threw it at him. Hubby jumped and screamed! Then he smacked his brother in the arm. It was hilarious. We didn’t photos of this as it woulda been suspicious to have a camera in the attic.

Fifth and final was went all of us finished work at like 8 at night and we al went to head contractor’s favorite pizza joint where he used to work. I pretended to complain about the chicken on my pizza claiming I thought it was “off.” Since the waitress was in on it, she pretended to get hostile about my insult and went and got the manager (also in on it) and the whole time head contractor was about to die of embarrassment. He followed the manager to the kitchen and apologized and the manager told him to “Just calm down.” When he came back to the table, we all looked at him and said “April Fools!” His jaw just dropped and he just stood there. He finally said “O-that was GOOD!” He could not believed we had just punked him like that! I forgot the camera on this one to!

Over all, it was a really good day! Now to plan for next year…..

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