April Fools

April 5, 2007 at 2:31 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

I love April Fool’s Day!!!!! There is always someone out there just begging to be “gotten” and I am always ready to get! This year I had a brilliant partner in crime in my head contractor. He loves this holiday as much as me and we spent all day pulling pranks.First, we went to his friend’s workplace, moved his car to the back of the lot, wrapped it in toilet tissue and wrote “April Fool” in shave cream on the windshield. It was a hoot! daves-car1.jpgSecond and Third was when we had the police show up in a squad car, and ask my brother in law to sit in the back while they talked to us. We thought he was gonna wet himself sitting there! april-1.jpgFinally we told him. After he got over being mad at being tricked, he thought it was pretty funny. The third part of it was when my head contractor slipped a note, to the bigger of the two officers, telling him he was cute and to call him. This was how we “bribed” officer one into doing the trick. He says his partner has been teasing him about how often he gets hit on, so this was a little revenge. See the paper in his hand? -> hah.jpgFourth, was when we all went up to the attic to admire our new duct work and a “snake” was in the air vent. It went towards brother in law, made Karma Hubby scream (he is afraid of snakes) and then his brother threw it at him. Hubby jumped and screamed! Then he smacked his brother in the arm. It was hilarious. We didn’t photos of this as it woulda been suspicious to have a camera in the attic.

Fifth and final was went all of us finished work at like 8 at night and we al went to head contractor’s favorite pizza joint where he used to work. I pretended to complain about the chicken on my pizza claiming I thought it was “off.” Since the waitress was in on it, she pretended to get hostile about my insult and went and got the manager (also in on it) and the whole time head contractor was about to die of embarrassment. He followed the manager to the kitchen and apologized and the manager told him to “Just calm down.” When he came back to the table, we all looked at him and said “April Fools!” His jaw just dropped and he just stood there. He finally said “O-that was GOOD!” He could not believed we had just punked him like that! I forgot the camera on this one to!

Over all, it was a really good day! Now to plan for next year…..



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  1. You are THE April Fools’ Goddess!!!!!!!

  2. What FUN!!!!

  3. I am SOOO glad I was out of town for that FUN!


  4. I love you. I’m spending next April Fools at your house. 🙂

  5. dang, you’re having too much fun! love the setup with the cops. made Karma Hubby scream (he is afraid of snakes) and then his brother threw it at him. Hubby jumped and screamed! that would have been my sweet pea too ~ deathly afraid of snakes 🙂

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