April 15, 2007 at 4:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

I was inspired to finish cleaning and decorating the kitchen after I read Giselle’s post here,

Giselle’s Total Waste of Bandwidth attic construction has been so messy that I just gave up. Dust and muddy feet are all over the place! So, I scrubbed from top to bottom and finished those little touches I wanted done. A big help was my brother in law who is handy with screwdrivers and such. blog-kitchen-3.jpg

See those great glass racks he installed?!? I am so happy! He also helped put in that little shelf in the corner. The bottle rack was picked up at Savers for $2.00! I intend to use the glass bottles to make stuff with when I can afford my bottle cutter. In the mean time the rack makes a nice place to store my craft objects. Thanks for the kick in the hiney Giselle!



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  1. She had the same effect on me too. I figured I could either be jealous or I could be inspired. I got some cleaning done, but I haven’t put forth nearly as much work as she has. I’m so impressed (by her not me).

  2. I wanna come drink at you bar. Can you whip me up a margarita as fast as Liz does? 🙂

    I tip well. Hehe.

  3. Oh, pretty.

    You are so good with projects in the home….wanna come visit me??

  4. You are all invited over! Come on! Frankie, I can put ya up for a few days!

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