April 16, 2007 at 1:17 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I got tagged by my dear friend, Diatribal,

to name 8 random things about me. So, here is my list. Is there anything any of you would have put?

1) I can do Middle Eastern Dance (belly dancing) and I like it! I even own the jewelry and veils.

2) I love to learn new stuff. I am a total nerd like that!

3) I am lazy. I mean really lazy. I won’t do something for only one purpose, it must serve several needs.

4) I have had both my knees reconstructed due to a congenital disorder called Osgood-Schlatter and my refusal to give up full contact martial arts.


5) I enjoy painting. I get real annoyed with it half way through, but once done, I am always happy I did it. Such an easy (and cheap) way to change up a place!

6) Power tools get me all excited! I love to use them anytime I can!

7) I also love to demolish things! Chopping wood, sawing 2X4s in half and sledge-hammering things. Awwww, the release of stress!

8) And finally, my dear brother in law says I am artistic! I loves me my brother in law!


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  1. You’re totally artistic!
    I’m always impressed with your craft projects:)

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