Virginia Tech

April 17, 2007 at 7:56 pm | Posted in getting involved | 3 Comments


I guess this whole Virginia Tech massacre has got everyone talking about gun control again. I found out about what was happening when I went into my bank and they have a TV in there now (weird to me, but whatever). I had already called in an order to US Pizza for one of the best salads ever made, so I left the bank and went there. Inside there are at least 6 TVs around the restaurant and half of them were showing live coverage of the unfolding events. I was standing in line feeling weird that I was out getting a salad when something so horrible was happening, but as I looked around, no one else was paying any attention. The headline was reading “21 students dead” and no one seemed to be paying attention. They were smiling and talking with each other, occasionally glancing at the TV and then continuing on. In this packed restaurant, no one seemed shocked. I expected folks to be at least quiet and somber, but no. How is it that so many have become so unaffected by such a terrible act? That leads me to the second question this brought up.How did the shooter fall through the cracks. A person cannot perform an act like this without some kind of mental illness. Why did no one reach out to him. I mean, yeah, I saw that his writing teacher reported him to the school counselor. The professor did not follow up to see what action had been taken. There are reports of problems in the dorm where he was ranting and stalking some of the female students. Why did the dorm directors do nothing? Why did the residents do nothing? In his classrooms he was silent and apparently often signed a “?” for his name on the sign in sheet. What did the professor do to follow up on this odd behavior? What about his classmates? Why is it that this fellow was able to fall through so many cracks in the school that his end came to this? I am not condoning or justifying his shooting rampage, I am just questioning why no one saw it coming. People want to scream about gun control, I want to scream about reaching out to those around you and asking them how they are doing! I want to scream about having a commitment to your fellow human beings to see that their needs are being met. People would not let someone sit there and die of a physical ailment in front of them, especially over the space of a year. Yet, that is what happened here. This man had a mental illness and no one seemed to follow through on helping him, and he died because of it, and took a whole lot of innocent people with him. Now the fellow students of his victims will recieve more mental health support than the killer did. We must start reaching out to all those around us! Talk to your neighbors, people at the gym, the park, at work. Reach out and say “hi.” You never know when a small act of caring can reach someone deep inside.



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  1. FTR, it didn‘t hit me initially when I saw the reports. I had the news on in the background and heard my sister talking about it, but it didn’t register and I went on about my day. It wasn’t until late last night when I sat down to watch cable news that it started to sink in.

    This morning, I thought of the parents of the killed students. I wondered if they woke up this morning and for a few moments, forgot it ever happened, forgot their children were killed. And then I pittied them for the realization that would have to sink in.

    Now, though, I don’t know what to do with it. I purposely haven’t blogged about it in part because I want so desperately to get away from it.

  2. You said it all.
    Here in N.O. we have a shortage of mental health help.
    I can’t imagine it would take much for something like that to happen here.

    The awful truth is people are selfish and desensitized to what is going on, even in their own households.

    Take time to care about those around you. They may be there when you need them the most.

  3. You said it soooo well, Kamrin. If you see someone bleeding then you rush to them. If you see someone crying or mad or sad you run from them. . .it’s too much for most people, I think. To help another may mean feeling some of your own emotions you’ve worked so hard to “control”. *hug*

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