What did you do for Earth day?

April 23, 2007 at 3:44 am | Posted in getting involved | 4 Comments

I was honored to be invited to participate in our local Wild Oats’ Earth Day Celebration. They were featuring local artist’s works made from recycled material. Well, the other folks that came were more artists and I was more a crafter. daveblog21.jpgThere were some beautiful works! I had several moms and kids stop and ask about my rugs and I showed them how I made them and I let them feel how soft they are. daveblog6.jpgI also had my blocks on hand and several kids came and built things with them! blocksblog2.jpgI lucked out and a good buddy “J” was there and we ate sushi samples and killed time together. Things always go better with friends. After that, me and the Karma Klan went to the Earth Day Celebration at the Clinton Library. We really enjoyed the dancers, drummers, and steppers. earthdayblog.jpgThe kids learned a few things too. Their favorite part was sliding down the hill on cardboard boxes! Remember how fun that used to be? After the Celebration was over, I went out with one of the interpreters and her partner. We went and have appetizers and drinks overlooking the Arkansas River. It was the perfect end to the day! For the actual Earth Day, we took the kids to Home Depot this morning for our free CFU light bulbs (http://www6.homedepot.com/ecooptions/index.html) and bought a clothesline.

(Clothes dryers are clearly a modern convenience, but one wonders if they were meant to take the place of a clothesline during the spring, summer and fall months, when the sun can do a better job. Using a clothesline can reduce your utility bill, and—if it is hot and sunny—can dry your clothes as fast or faster than a dryer.It costs about 50 cents for each dryer load using electricity or propane, and about 25 cents per load for natural gas. The average family does about 10 loads per week, so using a clothesline could save between $10 and $20 per month, more than the cost of a clothesline. Also, there is less wear and tear on the clothes (and, of course, the dryer) when a clothesline is used. Most people love the fresh smell of air-dried clothes, especially sheets.)

Also see http://www.terrapass.com/terrablog/posts/2006/07/energy-tip-4-get-yourself-a-clothesline.html 

We told the kids about “straight-line driving” (combining as many stops in one efficient trip as possible) and pointed out that we were not using the AC to keep us cool.

(http://eartheasy.com/live_fuel_efficient_driving.htm ) We then went to a Freecycler’s ( http://www.freecycle.org/)garage sale leftovers site. We came home, hung out clothes on the line and explained to the kids how line drying works. We then spent the rest of the day working in the yard, focusing on natural remedies for problems. We “played” with the compost pile, weeded the organic garden, and talked about how some of the plants we planted naturally keep insects away. We also looked at worms, slugs, and cocoons. I hope you all had a great Earth Day, and that each day you try something new to save our planet!



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  1. My husband would love to have a clothesline to put our clothes on. I won’t let him though, due to my allergies.

    Funny thing. I remember when I was a little kid we would go visit my great-great uncle that lived in a small town in Missouri. He did not own a washer or a dryer, so he put all of his clothing (which wasn’t much) outside on the shrubs around his house. My sister and I used to call it his washer and dryer combo. He just let rainwater wash the clothes, most days. After all these years, that is still the image that I think of when someone suggests line drying clothing!

    Your little eco-babies are too smart. Good for you for teaching them!

  2. Some things never change and some do oh so much. I just am happy for you and your family. It seems that things are going so good for you. We really need to get together and have dinner or something. Would love for you to meet Kelli.


  3. I went grocery shopping and actually remembered to bring my
    greeen bags to cart our stuff home in,lol

    I always dry my clothes outside when the snow melts. It makes me feel so good to do all these little things:)

    Your day sounds pretty darn perfect.

  4. I remember when my mother used to line dry our clothes. No choice, since we didn’t have a dryer, I also remember the old wringer washer. The old lady still claims it got clothes cleaner. I had forgotten about sliding down grassy hills on cardboard. Your post brought back a lot of images from a rural childhood. (‘course for me that’s the early 60’s)

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