And the truth shall be told

June 9, 2007 at 5:14 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Since my Stepping off the Spaceship gal wants details, I will give them where I can!

1 I have smoked cigarettes and pot. And yes, I did inhale. Nuff said. Really, that is kinda that. I quit smoking cigs the day I found out I was pregnant (surprise!) with Karma Girl.

2 I have read Playboy for the articles. It was when Prince was hot and they had Apollonia for the centerfold. I was a HUGE Prince fan so I went to the Texaco and got the magazine. It was neat to get to read up on the supposed girlfriend of Prince.

3 I have been married twice. Sad track record there. Not going to get married again though! If this marriage ends for any reason, I am gonna go out and enjoy life with no constraints of keeping my man happy. Just me and the kids and some world travel!

4 I have ridden topless in a car. It was at night with another girl, but still. One of those things of “why not?!?” It was fun and scary, but so worth it. I recommend everyone try it at least once in their life. It isn’t fair men can ride with out shirts on, but we are to cover up. Wind on the breasts is a good thing!

5 I have worn a bikini out to the lake in front of people and lost the bottoms while diving. You got it! This one is a lie! I have never worn a bikini! E-Gads! Can you imagine?!?

6 I caught myself on fire while pretending to be Laura Ingalls in the woods behind our house. Luckily I knew enough to stop-drop-and roll! My shirt was all burned up, but I only had superficial burns. I didn’t tell my mom, I just hid the shirt and noted to my self not to try that again!

7 I have been to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert and stood in the floor area. I even helped pass body surfers till one landed on me. O-yeah! I coulda reached out and touched Flea at one point! I got hit in the ear with a thrown pager (made me bleed) and then had the surfer land on me. It really hurt my neck. Dumba$$ came from behind.

8 I slammed my car into a utility pole outside a police station, putting the electricity out to the jail. Yup. That was me. The police were the first on the scene. Very scary for a 16 year old. I didn’t get a ticket though. I think they took one look at my dad’s face when he arrived and decided I was gonna be punished enough.

OK, that was fun! Any takers for a tag?



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  1. Hehe. I knew it!

  2. I called it! Woo hoo. I’m so proud of myself.

    And this may sound very wrong, but I’m happy that setting yourself on fire one is true. I’m glad you’re not hurt, but that must make for awesome conversations at parties. 🙂

  3. Hee hee, I knew it too. 😀 What a sad state of affairs when one is so proud of oneself for guessing.

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