The Brother in law is gone

June 14, 2007 at 2:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Finally. Really. We dropped him off at the airport yesterday. He says he is going back to England, but we are not sure. He has a girlfriend here and his best guy friend convinced him he was not an alcoholic and that instead he is a binge drinker. I guess he didn’t see the six beers consumed before noon yesterday. Anyway, he is gone. He left his room trashed. We found old food in drawers, trash everywhere, dirty sheets. Uck!

The worst part was the way he left. He told the kids he would be here all day on Tuesday, and he didn’t come home at all. They cried. He then showed up at 7 am Wednesday morning and said he just wanted to say by to the kids then he was going to the airport. I was like “hell no!” That ain’t gonna happen. You are gonna spend some time with them so they are less traumatized by your leaving. He didn’t. We had a lunch date with good friends. He was invited, but he said he wanted to stay home and drink his beer. We told him we would see him when we got back, he said yeah, and we were off. When we returned, he was gone. He told Karma Man that he had told us goodbye and asked him to take him to the airport. He was last seen smoking a cigarette outside the airport. I personally doubt he left the country. I think he had someone pick him up and he is going to be hiding out here. Whatever. At this point, whatever. My problem was that I was the one stuck telling the kids that he had gone. That man has some serious bad Karma coming his way. Now I just gotta go clean his room. Where did I put the rubber gloves????



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  1. Uck eh? Well I’m sorry it ended that way for you and the kids but am glad for you,that you can get on with your lives without any of that negative energy floating around.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about all the drama that attended this, but I’m happy for you that you got the drunk out of the house. If he really didn’t leave and he shows up on the doorstep, lock the door and call INS. This guy is bad news.

  3. wow. what an ordeal. so sorry you and your kids had to go through this. it’s horrible to see a loved one living such a self destructive life; like tony siad, though, it’s good he’s gone. the kids don’t need that and neither do you.

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