Not all of us like Father’s Day

June 17, 2007 at 4:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

I always hate the imposed holidays of celebrating people. Mother’s and Father’s Day are two of the biggies. When I was first estranged from my parents I was working at the mall. Folks would ask me what I had planned for the “day.” What on Earth was I to say? So many folks have total creeps for parents, other have deceased parents. There are single parents out there who are expected to be planning something for the parent who left them as single parent. Contrary to what many folks think, this is not a happy day for everyone.I wish that we all could just remember to thank those that are special to us everyday and to commit random acts of kindness to those around us, instead of having some mandated day telling us we must break our bankbook to prove that we think someone is worthy. Valentines Day makes me mad about that too. Sigh. Angry post over. I am off to be obligatory nice to the Father figures around me.

(Added note, I do not celebrate Mother’s Day (Valentine’s Day) by asking for gifts or anything. This is not about not doing for others, it is about not liking the holiday itself even if I am the one to benifit.)



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  1. You know, I always thought that if you’re a parent (and get along with your kids and vice versa) really every day should be celebrated. That honor thing should be a daily thing, not a special occasion that is on the calendar. I think that these holidays are just around to make someone money. (Hallmark, local restaurants, flower shops, fishing stores, etc.)

    We celebrate them, because we get along with our folks and Thomas still likes us (remains to be seen what happens when he’s a teenager, though, lol) Thomas really gets into them — he decorated the house with streamers for Mother’s Day and did the same this morning for dad. Me? I didn’t even get DH a card, he doesn’t get me one, because I’d rather have $5 cash. I know I’m loved, I know I’m the best mom I can be. I’ve always thought they were a little silly, too.

    But to you, I wish you a beautiful Sunday. And now I’m off to call my dad because I didn’t buy him a card. I may or may not say HFD, but I’ll call to say hello nonetheless.

  2. I know it’s a Hallmark holiday. My daughter doesn’t always call, but she did today, and it was kinda nice. Especially, since I’d forgotten about the holiday. Really, it was just nice to talk with the kid and hear how things are going with the grandkids and the son-in-law. The best part is I don’t need Father’s Day to know my daughter loves her old man.

  3. artificial holidays created to fuel the gift and greeting card industries. maybe we could honor those we love every day, eh? and we could just forget about those we don’t want to honor. good for you in being true to yourself.

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