How are things with your family?

June 18, 2007 at 4:35 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

At the obligatory family gathering for Father’s day, I discovered that my entire family has lost their freakn’ minds! It is crazy. In one family we have;

04_17_1-credit-cards_web1.jpg*One couple, married for 16 years, that both have lost their long term jobs this year due to stupidity. Both of them then decided that they like collecting unemployment so they collected as long as they could before finding new jobs. They are now in a dire financial situation as they have never had the ability to tell their kids no. Sigh.

terry_male_cafe_783410_l1.jpg*Couple two has been together for 12 years and the husband just came out of the closet. Well, sorta. He thinks he might be gay. He has not acted on it with a man, but has been frequenting gay bars and obsessing with gay porn/chat rooms for a year. Who knows? They have little kids. Good news is that the wife is being as nice and supportive as she can, despite her anger at being deceived for the last year or so that he has known.

crib_bars_hands_662312_l1.jpg*Couple three has been together for 13 years and the whole time there has been mutual verbal abuse, and on his behalf, he hits her, drug use and criminal activity. He has been on probation for a while, and then he just managed to get himself thrown in jail this week for a huge litany of offences from misdemeanors to felonies. The bail is set so high that no one can come up with it to get him out. He called home and his almost 13 year old answered his call from jail. She is devastated that Daddy is in jail. Horrible situation with little hope for a happy outcome.

Now none of this even includes the normal drama of my family, this is just the stuff that has happened in the last 3 weeks. That is right, 3 weeks. Jeeze. So, how bout ya’ll? Any excitement out there? Any advice for the happy couples? I am thinking of taking a line from Angry Black Bitch who once wrote, (cover your eyes Alice and Shana!)

“As a matter of fact everything lost its motherfucking mind Friday so this bitch had to shake the dust off of the merciless rod of correction and re-establish my authority!”

So well said Angry Black Bitch! ( Let me go find my personal “rod of correction!”



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  1. I come from the Crazy too!
    Attempted murder,self mutilation(my dad once hammered nails into his feet so he wouldnt be able to run away. Run away from the crazy woman who tried to kill him 3 times…) it goes on and on and on. I’ve opted out though;p

  2. Woah. Margi’s or Marti’s anyone?

    Call me and we’ll chat.

  3. Change the phone and the locks! Have you considered moving to a different part of the country? And I thought my family was bad. I would try and keep my distance and my sanity if I were you.

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