Crazy update!

June 21, 2007 at 5:26 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Here is an update on the crazy that is my world. Couple number 3 is still having fun and excitement. The boy’s father finally caved after his son spent a week in jail and took out a loan to post his bail. The son got out, went to his home and promptly got into a fight with his wife because she “left” him in jail for a week. She told him to get his sh*t and get out. He took his most valuable items, his bowling ball and his dog, and went to hang with the fellows who were involved with the crimes that got him arrested in the first place. Sigh. bowling_austin_dartbowl_895720_l1.jpgSencond crazy up date is on the alcoholic brother in law. OK, he left a week ago. Dropped off at the airport with a 6 pack already in him, and a pocketful of money. Well, no one has heard from him for a week, and then he calls him mom in England and tells her he got off the plane in Dallas (a week ago) and collapsed. He told her he has been in the hospital the whole time. He also said that his money had been stolen. Not his passport mind you, a very hot commodity to have a British passport, just his money.image1.jpg He said he was calling with the help of a social worker from the Salvation Army and that he wanted to come home (to England). She buckled and bought him a ticket back to England (700 British pounds).image2.jpg I think she bought the story. As a friend said, “You can tell BIL is not a parent if he thinks anyone is going to buy that story!” Well, now we can see why his games work, well, cause they work on his mom and sister! These are the same family members that kept telling us how much they did not want him around, and they he could not stay with them, that they were through helping him and that he was not welcome to come around them. They are the same folks that kept freakin’ calling us EVERYDAY all week to find out if we had heard anything. image5.jpgDespite our repeatedly telling them, “He is a 42 year old man who can take care of himself. Quit worrying about him. You told him not to contact you and he isn’t. Be happy. If we hear anything, we will let you know.” They kept calling. Then, when they did hear something, they called, left a message that he was in the hospital in Dallas, and then didn’t call back. We returned their call after work and it was 3 am there. Sorry for the late call, but you left us hanging. Then, at 3am our time, the sister calls to tell us that mom is upset cause we were laughing at her during our 3am when we called her. The fact that the kids were eating spaghetti noodles for dinner (funniest damn thing you could ever see!) doesn’t register. It must be us evil folks laughing at her. She wanted us to know that mom was upset, and she woke us up at 3 am to tell us this. Yeah. No manipulation there, huh? Sigh. 374448_172135621.jpgThese folks are nuts! I think I am gonna take Tony’s excellent Ganome advice and change the locks, buy that Yurt I have always wanted, and move to Colorado ( I hear it is real pretty there!). 579771_mongolia_11.jpg

 Now, take that and go out and be grateful for your relatively normal lives all you great folks! Peace and love!



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  1. LOL well you know that’s not possible for moi but I’ll take it alllll the same hee hee I like your updates! Only I am sorry you have to deal with the drama..

  2. Ok…we need to come up with crazy names for these folks. Just so we can keep them straight!

  3. We best be ending the crazy so we can get on with some peacefulness before I am found standing at the street corner with a sign that says
    “will sit here in shade for booze or drugs”
    or “Please help. My family is insane. Please give me valium. Buddah bless”

  4. Sorry to hear the crazy continues, but I am happy to hear the sodden BIL is safely on the other side of the Atlantic. I am trying to manage my own crazies which honestly is made easier by the geographical distance. The merciless rod of discipline may come in handy. Some day I’ll have to do another entry about my mother. Now that woman has had over 80 years to get crazy down.

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