June 24, 2007 at 6:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Well, I guess that makes it official. I am a naughty gal! I wonder sometimes if I should pick a focus and stick to it, like Homeschooling only, Karma only, but then I remember that the reason I set this whole thing up was to keep up with my peeps that are far away. I miss ya’ll! I have loved getting to meet other people through my blog. Am I jealous when I look at some blogs and they are so professional looking, and have had like a million hits? Sure. Do I want this thing to be work? Naw. I like having a rather innocent way of venting about various stuff, and maybe occasionally inspire folks. It is kinda like tattoos. At different points in your life, if you were to pick a tattoo that truly reflected all that you were at that point in time, get it, then in 10 year, go to get another, you would probably wind up with very different tattoos. My life is that way. One week I am all peaceful and serene, the next I am ready to head to the hills! I have learned so much about myself, my values, and my family in the last few months, and though it has been hard, I have survived and grown. I hope that all those that were involved can say the same thing. The bonus would be if those around me were able to have the same growth from hearing the stories, and not having to really feel the pain. Yesterday Karma Husband had two of his patients die during one 8 hour shift. Both should be alive except for the actions of the adults around them. I can hear the stories, I can feel the pain, I can hug my babies, learn from the mistakes of the other parents, and go out there and try to do better by the world. I hope you all can take my recent lessons and do the same.

Go hug someone you haven’t hugged in a while or at least give positive words of encouragement (only if really deserved) to someone. It will lift you and you those around you up to a level of peace that we all should have. ∞ 

Now, if I can just not use some of the “naughty” words I have used on my blog, my rating might drop to a “G” or something, but do I want it to??????♥



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  1. LOVE the Blog rating pic!!!

  2. Because I know you love a story of Karma, check out my blog … it’s a tale of Karma In Action.

  3. What’s a few bad words here or there? You should have heard my parents when I was growing up!

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