Days 1 and 2

July 15, 2007 at 3:57 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

So, the first few days here are kinda a blur. One the first night here, without any sleep, we went to a church member’s house for a party. She had this gorgeous outdoors area on her farm, with deer grazing behind a fence nearby. The kids ran and played and we visited. I found out that there are no violent poisonous snakes here! No copperheads and no cotton mouths. This means I can go wandering around bushy areas and water and have a great time without so much worry! Woo-hoo! He house was full of inspiring ideas for outdoor art. I am now on a mission for some driftwood, water stumps, and rotted out tree trunks. Yup, I am going country!

Day two was getting to visit another church friend’s house where they grilled up brats (turkey for us thank you) and we petted the goats and baby chicks, talked to the giant hogs, and horses. We wound it all up with watching the kids swim in an above ground pool as the sun set. We went home with left over brats, potato salad, and farm fresh eggs.

So, a little peaceful distraction between crying spells as I try to come to terms with the changes in my life.



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  1. Sounds like you are managing to distract yourself, which is good. Glad to hear about the way things are going, except for the crying part of course. I am thinking about you and keep checking in to see what you are up to.

    I hope you can work things out. Just don’t get me too worried about this church business! I will put on those slingbacks and come get you, if I have to!

  2. Oh Tony! I don’t know you, but already, I like you!!

    Glad you had a good trip (I knew Shana wouldn’t allow otherwise, wink wink.)

    Can’t wait to see you when I get back. Perhaps we can grill up some of those yummy Brauts and have a few beers!

    See you soon.

  3. I’m glad to hear that you are having fun and that you are processing what’s happened. I’m sorry for your pain and that you are going through this…NO ONE deserves to have this happen…but…crying is NOT bad!!! Crying is GOOD!!! It means you are allowing yourself to grieve. You can still be a GREAT mommy and at the same time grieve your loss. You don’t have to be the perfect, understanding wife…you have EVERY right to be PO’D. Being at Shana’s is obviously VERY theraputic for you and FUN for all!!

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