Day 3 and 4

July 17, 2007 at 2:00 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments


Day three we went and nabbed another lady from church’s kid and went strawberry picking. He is the same age as Karma Boy so it was great for the boy to have someone to play with! How beautiful is that sky?!?strawberriese1.jpg

  The weather seems to be perfect all the time here! We picked tons of and they are delicious. We had time to get cleaned up and then went to a church softball game. My host is on the team so we got to watch him run about and “play ball!” Those Church Ladies in the stands can be quite funny over softball! We then returned said child and went home.Day four was another church softball game, this time it was the ladies. The stands were more quiet with the women on the field, but it was still fun! The Karma kids love running around the large grassy areas and climbing on the poles to the bleachers. There was also piles of dirt to play in. On the men’s softball night one of the moms had brought toy cars for the kids to play with. These were those big plastic trucks and dozers. I thought it was such a great idea that I went out and got my kids a little set of cars (the small metal ones) for them to share when out. It went over very well. Look how much fun they are having!softballsharinge.jpgI have never been a big fan of baseball or softball, but maybe it is because I have only ever seen it played in the South. There, folks have on long sleeves and had stadium blankets over their knees! It was actually cool/cold! I could handle outdoor sports better if I lived in a more mild climate.

The kids are crying all the time when there is mention of Daddy cause they miss him so much! We are now officially all co-sleeping again so the kids can get some sleep. Note I said the kids, cause I sure am not sleeping between my two wigglers. So, I am exhausted, physically and mentally, and trying to keep a good face forward. To add to it, I am on antibiotics. I got an old paint chip under my nail when doing some park clean up. It bothered me on the drive up. I dug it out the next morning, and then it really kept swelling till it was just gross. We called in for antibiotics, and still had to open it up with an exacto knife. It felt so much better after that. Within days I was able to start using my finger again. It is a real bummer to have an infected pointer finger!



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  1. Oh no! Do we need to “alcohol steralize” it? 🙂

  2. It sounds like you guys are having fun (minus the finger issue). Hope that heals up nice.

    Hugs to ALL!!!

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