Day 6

July 19, 2007 at 3:18 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Well! My standing up seems to have shaken him up a little! He has made an appointment with a Psychologist and has started taking care of things around the house. I was kind of amazed. It was like a light went off on what he is doing and he is really trying to start shaping up! A gal can hope! I have felt much more calm today. I think I just really needed to say some of the things I did to him. I needed to feel that he really understood the impact this was having on his family. I finally think he does. He actually seems excited about seeing the therapist!

Well, the fun with farm life never ends around here! We have been blueberry picking-so much fun, and got lost for hours trying to find an interactive dairy farm we heard about. This kind of stuff can wear a body out.


It was great to get to visit for a while about the future homestead I am gonna have, and to talk of all the mundane little things that happen in the world. I have been enjoying this simple life and have clued by into many of my hippy ways. I now have a great recipe for Kale Chips, and a brush up on the healthy way to cook! Shana has always been an inspiration to healthy living and frugality. She has started me off on so many healthy paths in life, and regularly exposes me to new ideas that I never would have thought of. One of my biggest and most guilty pleasures on this trip was the reading of all her back issues of Mother Earth Magazine. I am really planning out the homestead and what we are going to have on it. I am thinking Llamas. Apparently they make good guard animals and I can use their wool to crochet. I am enthralled with greywater systems and solar energy systems. It is a useful way to take my mind off the harsher realities when I need to. I have the feeling though that things are only going to get better from here on out!


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