The final chapter of Wisconsin

July 22, 2007 at 3:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments


Well, I am nearing the end of my stay here. It is to much to ask of such a caring family to disrupt their lives with my emotional self, and my un-ruly kids. I feel like Karma Hubby and I may be on the track to understanding and a peaceful co-exisistance. He saw his Psychologist and gained a bit of insight into what he has been doing and why. He seems to really be aware of how much he has tuned out to all of us and is trying to re-connect. I admire him for that. It is never easy to screw up and be caught, but to stand up and be accountable for wherever the chips may fall, that is rare indeed. This is one of the reasons I will not shut him out of my life or the life of our kids.

I feel more confident now in the fact that I can handle all of this and keep my family whole, even if it is in a new definition. The kids are homesick, and so am I (only a little though). I have an appointment with a Psychologist coming up in a few days, and I hope that will also help me to handle all of this in a positive manner. We keep changing the game plan on when to leave, but after a wonderful dinner at the local “Hugo’s Pizza” I think we have decided to leave this weekend. Poor Shana will be stuck with me on the ride down again, as we have to get her car, and then she will be returning ASAP. That is a lot of driving! I will miss the exciting action here, like going to the Piggly Wiggly (Yup! They really exist outside of stories)pigglywigglye.jpg and farm shopping for the homestead of my dreams, but a gal eventually must return home. I will miss the good time had in Wisconsin, and hope that the next time I am up this way, it is under better circumstances.



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  1. There is a real, live Piggly Wiggly store down in Camden, AR…but Camden isn’t NEAR as pretty as Wisconsin and the company in Camden isn’t as great as the company (Shana, John, and the girls) in Wisconsin.

  2. I’m thinking about you Lovey:)

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