Going home

July 25, 2007 at 4:03 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

We had a nice last day together, and got the mini-van-of love packed. We are trying to head out much earlier than we did before. So far so good. We had a nice dinner, and said our goodbyes. We put the kids into their jammies, and I gave them each a yarn doll that Shana tried to teach me how to make that day. We stopped and got a jumbo cappuccino and hit the road.                                                                                       ready-to-ride-e.jpg

 Apparently I drive to fast. I thought everyone knew this. I am a country gal who is used to winding roads full of big holes. Put me on an interstate and it is so on! So, for the first 6 ½ hours, I drove and I drove it like it was hot! The more responsible driver then took over and I dozed. We eventually switched off back and forth till we arrived home. It was good to be home and Karma Hubby was totally shocked. I was so tired it was all a bit of a blur. We all hugged and kissed and unloaded the van. Shana and I said our goodbyes and I went in, showered, and crashed. I got up to check a weeks worth of e-mails and blogs. After that, it was house cleaning time.

It is always so amazing how much stuff there is to do when you come back from vacation. Karma Hubby had done a darn good job of keeping up with things, but there is always more. Sigh. Everything seems to be going well so far, and I think we are gonna get back in a good swing of things in no time.



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  1. Glad you are home safe. I know it was hard to leave Shana’s sweet family but I also know there is no place like home.

    Hope things start to look up for you and your family.


  2. Welcome Home!

  3. Good to have you back. Hope things go well from here on in.

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