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That is what those in the know call that stuff I make out of plastic bags! I have discovered a new site called I love her way of cutting the bags so much better than the way I was doing it!, she has tons of great ideas and I am getting ready to try our her recycled plastic bag water bottle holder! All the cutting of the “plarn” has also inspired me to get to work on that big living room rug!I finished cutting the bags and carving a crochet hook to crochet it with and set to work.                           plarnballse.jpg Problem is, I am using double strands of plarn so that the rug will be extra soft to sit on, thus, I am going though plarn at an amazing rate! See how quick those giant balls disappeared. The good news is that the rug is indeed super cushy! I am truly stoked!                   plarn-rug-e.jpgHow about you all? Any great projects going?



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  1. Yeah. It’s called “whole house purge to fit into a tiny-ass duplex.”

    See you soon.

  2. I LOVE the colors of the plarn rug. I wonder if Target would donate used bags to you? I know they throw a ton of them away…think of the return desk! You also could put out a call on our ATM list for Target bags to plarn with. Me? I’ve been doing some sewing and cleaning and yard-trimming and all kinds of fun stuff.

  3. I thought about you when I came across this. Knowing that you want a homestead later in life.

    Check out The Front Porch – BlogHoster


  4. I vow to not click on links posted by you. It results in hours of web surfing, a plethora of ideas formulating, and piles of clothing NOT being folded.

    That lady is cool. I love her. I’m inspired. I also wasted an entire night the other night due to lack of self control.

    I found more Mother Earth News magazines I wish I could have located when you were here.

  5. I like your new look!
    When I figure out how to crochet I’m going to make everyone some rugs but for now I’m knitting a blanket.

  6. Dude, I wish there was a cheap way to get all my target bags to you. I donated them to a local friend who was making rugs, but she’s on to different colors now, and these things are piling up.

  7. Love yours! I used some “plarn” to do a bath toy bag, haven’t taken pics of it yet though I should!
    Thanks for the visit!!!

  8. I am a plarn addict! I’ve been crocheting for years and recently added “plarning” to my repetoir. I love the irony in making reusable bags out of the disposables, so I’ve mostly just done market bags, shoulder bags, and a plastic bag holder….but I’ve just started a niftly little plarn belt. The possibilities are endless! Kudos to you and all inovative recyclists out there!!

  9. the shoulder bags that my girlfriend uses are always made up from natural leather “~`

  10. I love working with plarn! Only real problems with it, though, are that you can’t make many comfortable wearables with it, it doesn’t hold up in heat, and even though a plarn bag is more durable than a regular plastic bag, it’s still not very durable. Unless, of course, you use plastic fusing to make a lining for your plarn bags. On the other hand, it doesn’t stain, and it’s waterproof!

    I went to Walmart to see if they would let me have the plastic bags from the recycling bin, but they told me it was against store policy to give plastic bags from the bin to customers, because they were going to be sent to be recycled into new bags.

    That did give me a neat little idea, though: Rather than throw away the bag handles and bottoms, and the unusably mangled bags, I’d put them in a trash bag and send those plastic scraps to be recycled into new, usable bags! That way, there IS no wasted plastic!

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