If you have watermelons….

August 6, 2007 at 7:12 pm | Posted in frugal, Health, simplicity | 4 Comments


I feel so Martha Stewart, but I love melon balls! So, I took half of a Hope Watermelon and began scooping melon balls out. I push the little seeds out into a strainer and put the pretty balls into one container, and the kinda messed up ones in another. I then pour the juice out through the strainer so I have some extra smoother watermelon juice. The rind goes into the compost bin, some scraps go into the freezer for smoothies, and the nice balls are saved for company while me and the kids chow down on the finger sized balls that are a little less than perfect (OK, sometimes A LOT less than perfect).

In this weather it is nice to have some ice cold watermelon, and accompanying drinks. You can find a few recipes for watermelon drinks at one of my favorite sites, The Spirit World (http://thespiritworld.net/?s=watermelon&x=13&y=4 ).I love the history of drinks that I learn from this site. Already since reading The Spirit World, I have opportunities to impress with my knowledge of Quinine ( http://thespiritworld.net/2007/07/17/tonic-water-and-the-gin-tonic/ ) , and Absinthe (http://thespiritworld.net/category/spirit/absinthe/) in regards to their place in history and their subsequent dilution in the USA.Do you all have any favorite uses for your watermelon? Any favorite drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) using watermelon ?



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  1. um . . . yeah. take a quart of vodka. cut a hole in a big watermelon. slowly drip the vodka into the hole. might have to mush it up a little to get it to absorb.

    refrigerate, suck, relief 😉

  2. I like all my fruit balled. Sorry…couldn’t resist.

  3. I love my peoples!

  4. You just landed yourself on the WP Dashboard…congrats!

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