Spinach boats

August 9, 2007 at 5:18 pm | Posted in Health, simplicity | 4 Comments

OK, so you all know how I tried introducing the Kale to the kids? Now it is raw spinach! I sat down at the table with my bowl of washed spinach and began to wrap the leaves around some thin cheese “fingers.” This looked quite exciting to the kids so they wanted to try it. I then picked up some lunch meat sliced turkey and wrapped it in my “boat” of spinach. That looked good to them too! Before long, they were asking for “more boats” and sticking everything they could find into them, including popcorn, grapes, and dipping them in ketchup. Sigh. How great it is to see them enjoy something so healthy without feeling like a party pooper!

How about you all? Any special tricks in getting your kids to try new raw foods?



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  1. Very cool, Lady Karma.

    I’m too lazy to do “fun” food things with my kids. I suppose you could cut up baby carrots really thin and make ’em look like tiny carrot “fries” to dip in peanut butter.

    The girl’s oddest and accidental favorite is frozen veggies…the girls LOVE all things frozen: corn, carrots, peas, green beens, etc.

  2. It sounds really disgusting, but yeah if it gets them to eat, then it’s good!

  3. Ohh what a great idea!
    I have a rule,they have to at least take a bite,then they can decide if they like it or not.
    LOL,I’m no fun,am I?
    My kids will pretty much eat anything though,and I’m old school. I make what I like and if they don’t like it they can pick it out. Usually they just eat it anyways,hehehehe. This also works with picky husbands;p

  4. I loved the link to the applehead dolls. I’ve never really paid attention to the process and was surprised to find it was so simple. Thanks for the interesting read.

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