Making the most of diapers

August 13, 2007 at 2:38 am | Posted in Craft, frugal, recycling, simplicity | 1 Comment

What to do with a stack of single ply diapers? A friend recently gifted me a HUGE stack of single ply diapers and I am trying to find all the ways I can use them! First thing the kids did was turn them into playsilk ( ) type dress up items! Are these not some scary looking critters? single-plye.jpgHere are more diapers posing as cleaning cloths. I keep a clean cloth, and a bottle of vinegar in each room in the house. This makes it much easier to clean when I see a mess because I don’t have to go looking for my cleaning supplies!singleply2.jpg

I also found a link to handkerchief ( dolls, which I made a basic one of, it doesn’t have a face or hair here, but it is another use for the diapers. singleply1.jpgIt has also been recommended that I can used them to make some doll clothes. Tons of uses!


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  1. Glad to know they are being used! They have just been sitting here in the baby’s room for a whole 21 months now. I’m happy your kids like them!

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