Expensive being frugal

August 19, 2007 at 1:48 pm | Posted in frugal, recycling, simplicity | Leave a comment

It is amazing how much it costs to start being frugal! It is also amazing how much work it takes to be simple. I have been de-cluttering and simplifying for a few years now. I no sooner get through with going through the whole house, when it is time to go through again. Dang! So much work. I just keep picturing myself in my little straw bale home and trying to decide what I am going to need or want in it. When I have to go out and buy something (like a knife sharpener) I make sure it is something that will not need electricity to function. There were some super cool electrical ones, but learning to hand sharpen is a good skill to have, and I won’t have to waste electricity when I need a good edge. Then there are those odd items out. I saw an outdoor solar lamp in Home Depot the other day. It was stunningly beautiful! Now, the dilemma is do I purchase a new lamp contributing to all the evils of manufacturing, but will be using solar power in the house (placing the lamp by a window during the day, use the light at night)? Maybe I will find a way to convert my current lamps to solar. … Then there are things like this Apple Press. Expensive but useful in many ways.



I want an apple press too. I plan to have fruit bearing trees in the ol’ homestead, so I would love to have a press. I understand these work with grapes also. Since we are not in real grape country (unless I move up near Altus) I wonder if they would work with muskadines? I might be able to press sunflowers with it to get my oil also, if I am reading how to do it properly.


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