Yup, we eat off the floor.

August 22, 2007 at 2:22 pm | Posted in Personal, simplicity | 5 Comments

Don’t you?                         table-fort.jpgThe other day my kids built a fort out of the kitchen table while I was cooking dinner. They were so cute and happy under there that I just couldn’t ask them to dismantle their fort, and end their pretending for the sake of eating dinner at the table. So what do you do? Incorporate dinner into the play and let them eat in their fort. They thought it was great! And ya know what? So did I. As I am learning to be more flexible and pay attention to what is important, we have more and more fun! So, break a little tradition today and go out there and do something fun and different. Have a picnic in front of your office where there is some greenery. Go home and have a family picnic, even if it is in the middle of the living room floor. A little fun in life goes a long way!

Anyone else have ideas for putting a little fun into a person’s day?



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  1. What fun!!!! My thoughts on being a parent is to say YES when you can….there are many times you have to say NO.

    If it is not going to hurt anyone and there are no lasting effects from it. GO FOR IT and have FUN while you’re at it!!! Good Job Mommy!!!!

    Did Mommy join them in the fort for dinner..smile?

  2. Unfortunatly, “mommy” was busy making seconds and thirds, refilling drinks, and all that jazz. Mommy didn’t eat dinner till kids were in bed. But it was fun being all dramatic in presentation to the King and Queen of the fort!

  3. Hello kamrin. First of all I want to thank you for visiting my blog and for your wonderful comments. I always appreciate them. : )

    Secondly, I agree with Alice. I bent the rules for my boys many times. You teach with fun as well as with words and examples. My boys used to love it when I gave them an old sheet which they placed over the kitchen table so they had walls on their fort. They loved being hidden away and spent many hours under the table reading, playing with lego and trucks and just giggling.

    You’re right, a little fun does go a long way.

  4. That is so cool, I would want to eat with them on the floor!
    Tables and sofas are so ‘normal’.

  5. My kids LOVE “hidy hole” they can make into secret places. Sometimes it is just behind the couch, sometimes under the table. My furniture has now seemed to become completely re-arranged so as to always be open to a new place to play! Dawn is right, “normal” is kinda boring, let’s play!

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