August 23, 2007 at 2:45 pm | Posted in getting involved, Personal, simplicity | 2 Comments

Find out what it means to me!I means not ever hearing of my kids being rude like this!

http://down—to—earth.blogspot.com/2007/08/where-have-all-kind-people-gone.htmlI love how polite and respectful my kids are! I think one of the reasons they have picked up a few languages is because they love to say “Hi” to everyone! I have also tried to teach them to help anyone who looks like they need it. It doesn’t have to be a little old lady, it can be a strapping young man, with one to many bags of groceries. There are very few reasons in life to not hold a door open for the next person you see coming to it. In fact, it might just be the little spark of light that person needed to make their whole day. You never know when a small act of courtesy, or politeness can restore a person’s faith in the human race.If you are wondering why you should be nice when everyone else seems so rude, I’ll tell you what I tell my kids. “Sometimes people seem to have forgotten how to be behave. Since their mom isn’t here to remind them, we can help them remember by showing them how to be polite and kind.”

Let’s all get out there today and be nice!



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  1. The best way to make great leaders to cause change is to teach our kids to be great servants. We work to say, “After you!” whenever possible in order to remind ourselves that others are important and we *should* consider their needs to be just as important as our own –and sometimes more so. Being one of your Christian friends, we remind our children that God values and cherishes every single person just as much as he cherishes and loves them and we are to do the same. I miss you, Mrs. Karma!!!

  2. Loved the link you provided Kamrin. Thanks for sharing it.

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