Part One~Why use a reel mower?

August 29, 2007 at 2:44 am | Posted in frugal, Health, simplicity | 5 Comments

cleanairgardening_1963_94772951.gif When our gas powered push mower started to go on the fritz this year, we made the final decision to retire it. The cost of maintenance, gasoline, and what it’s use was doing to the environment just was not worth it. We had purchased a reel mower some months before, but had not made the commitment to it we had planned. My idea was that I could use it while the kids played nearby. We do not condone the use of gas powered mowers in the close vicinity of children (or anyone for that matter) as flying rocks, debris, gas fumes, and the off chance someone could fall into the path of the blades, is to much for us. This seemed a safe way for me to get some exercise, and keep the yard looking nice, all the while being kind to the environment. Now the reel mower was going to become a necessity.Not having to deal with gas, engines, and not to mention that I can mow anytime of day or night without disturbing the neighbors! Other great reasons to make the switch can be found at EPA Lawn Care Facts. There is a small amount of reality check needed here before you rush out and purchase a reel mower. Like any lawn mower, reel or rotary, it shouldn’t be used to mow over sticks, stones or hard objects. If you have lots of trees and can’t pick up the sticks, then a reel mower is probably not for you. The sticks, even small ones I have found, will get stuck in the blades. You can also have problems if your grass gets to high. For this, you will want to borrow a neighbors gas mower, cut the grass to acceptable levels, then begin your reel mower maintenance of your lawn.



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  1. I think that is what we are going to get when we finally get a yard that we have to mow.

  2. I very much wanted to try a manual-powered mower for our yard when dh was gone. With our last gas-powered mower (okay, second to last. The last one was stolen), starting the blasted thing was hell. It hated me and didn’t like to start for me. That makes mowing the lawn by myself very difficult. Like you, I wanted one so I could mow with the kids outdoors (at the time, there were only 2 of them). I finally decided it just wasn’t practical given the size of our yard, plus all the twigs, fallen fruit, and other hidden wonders on the ground.

    Oh and I want to applaud you for pointing out no one else should be around when using a gas mower. One of my uncles has shattered three glass doors (the same door replaced three times) when his lawn mower kicked up rocks and threw them at the door. The rocks acted like bullets. I can’t imagine what would happen to a child in a similar situation.

  3. I bought a push reel mower from because I like to mow the lawn after the kids go to sleep at night. It is so quit. This is some of my best personal time away from my children and by myself, I can think, relax, and mow the lawn. It is great. I have had a great experience with my mower. Every women should own one.

  4. Great post! I love your blog! I’m wondering–are these reel mowers very heavy? I know the “old fashioned” ones were beasts! We’ve been wanting to try one out, but are scared to buy one because we’re afraid they might be too heavy for us to use.

  5. My friend Mike is a big proponent of reel mowers. I remember using one as a kid, but my dad couldn’t wait to get a gas mower and once we could afford one, he never looked back.

    Good luck with the new lawn management.

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