So why has the blog been so neglected lately?

September 5, 2007 at 2:08 am | Posted in Personal, simplicity | 2 Comments

Well, there are several small reasons, and I will post them in small increments as I am running a little low on time right now. Most of this is all that personal stuff, but it keeps the world running.All last week I house-sat 3 different houses while their occupants were away. One was a neighbor with 3 indoor cats so I had to get over there several times a day to keep an eye on water supplies, mail and such.The other neighbor just went out of town for a few days so it was just keeping an eye on the house and gathering the mail.The third house was my mom’s. She lives almost an hour away so it is a little more work. She leaves town on day one in the afternoon and drops off her small dog to have a “sleepover” with my kids. It is a great way to “have a dog” without the extra work. The next morning, I take the dog and drive to moms where I water the horse, the two goats, and muck the stalls. I then have to leave out bird seed and humming bird food, along with water for them and the chipmunks.blogcropped.jpg

 I grab the mail/newspapers, and then spend the night. That means I get to sit and look out at her 22 acres and chill. blogsizedmomporch.jpgI get up the next day and do it all again before driving home in the afternoon, knowing she will be arriving in a no more than an hour from my departure.


I love the sunrise/sunset times, but the middle of the night is a bit nerve wracking as I am in the middle of no where. I can even hear the fish jumping on the pond!bogsizemomspirch.jpg

I also love that she has cable! I love watching the DIY channel, TLC and the Discovery Channels! I come home refreshed, with a few new ideas, and photos to share.

So, that was part of the last week, but don’t despair! There is more to come in the little updates!



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  1. Oh, that porch! I just want to sit there so bad. I dream of something like that!

  2. wow!! That porch!! that view. i would be in absolute heaven. i think i just turned green 🙂

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