Summer wrap up

September 15, 2007 at 2:10 am | Posted in Personal | 3 Comments

OK, so I keep telling you I will let you know what all else is going on, but I never seem to be at the computer anymore, at least not with time to write. I love reading all the blogs on my “roll” and keeping up with everything happening around me. To wrap up summer, in a most un-ceremonious way, here are some of the highlights.Karma Girl learned how to jump off the diving board all by herself, without any floaters. (In this photo she still has them on) poolblogsized.jpgBoth kids love going to the pool and playing in the water. They have both been through stages of scared to get the face wet, to no fear, to hate getting face wet. Sigh. Their father is not a big swimmer, but I can never remember a time I wasn’t in the water! The pool is now closed for the summer and the kids are already ready for it to be open again. I will keep the pool bag packed all winter in case we travel and can get to a pool.Karma Girl is now an officially registered home schooled child! Our co-op is in full swing and we are having lots of fun. We even went roller-skating and ice skating for the first time! blogsized-skate.jpgThey had so much fun! Me? I was frazzled! It is hard keeping two kids up right when you can barely do it your self. I do think it made them feel better though to see mom wobbling around on ice skates.blogsized-ice-skate.jpg We had a bowling day, and the kids bowled a 94, and 89 respectively on their first ever time to bowl. Yes, that was with bumpers, but I feel some bowling genius coming out of them!That is some of the highlights, and as things start coming into order, I hope to post a little more.



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  1. You could come visit me…and we could find a pool!

  2. So the kids are great ~ how’s the husband and the family adjustment going? And how is KarmaMama???

  3. aaaaaaaah. The joys of homeschooling! It looks like you guys are having a blast!

    If you get too hot down there, it’s prime time in WI!

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