More insight in the English

September 27, 2007 at 10:25 pm | Posted in Personal | 2 Comments

I was fortunate to receive a lot of insight from the Cousins while they were here. It started because they genuinely seemed to want to do “local” things! This was shocking to me! All the other relatives had seemed to only want to re-create England right here. I found out from the cousins that this is actually a normal thing that many British do. I was told that many of the vacation hot spots for the British are in locations that simply mimic England except with good weather. There is English decor, food, beer, in fact, it is like a little England. They have seen this from Spain to Thailand! I never knew. I guess I figured that if you went on vacation somewhere, it was to do as the locals do. To have some fun, and soak up the culture though activities and food. That kind of attitude would explain a lot of the problems I felt I had with the previous family visits. There was a cultural misunderstanding of what a vacation should be! I am also glad that I got to experience a couple of English folks that were here to enjoy the Southern experience. We started by taking them for their first meal of real Mexican food!


They loved it! We have a small locally owned restaurant right down the road that we go to all the time, and it is fabulous! It is entirely staffed by Latinos, and you often see Latinos eating there. This is a good sign. If you go into a Mexican restaurant and all you see is white folks, turn around and leave, it ain’t gonna be real Mexican food! We consider the folks at the restaurant like extended family, and thus they are always happy to meet our family! I think we all had a great time just eating, visiting and getting to know each other. Karma Girl loved having another “girl” to play with, especially one with a digital camera!  




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  1. hey thanks for stopping by and commenting on my site. So where is it that you live that seems Englandish?? Is that even a word?I see where you make stuff and take it to the children’s hospital, that is so nice! I already like you! Your husband is a nurse? Me too! Small world! I am a home health nurse! I love it! Or as we call ourselves road nurses!

  2. Oh, how great!

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